Automatic Website Testing – How to Save Money?

Web testing is crucial for every website because we need to check if there are possible problems with the website when it runs on various platforms or browsers. The testing process is very important because numerous codes could cause some problems with the site.

Developers can save a lot of time with proper web testing because they will instantly know where the problem is and how to solve it. There are some steps that you will have to follow when you want to check if your app or website is working correctly.

Testing Processes

You will have to test the functionality of the website to see if every part of it is working. In this process, the tester is looking for any problems with connection, database, and forms on the page. It is recommended to run this process while the developing of the website or the application is still in the early process. The proper functioning of some websites is correct when the results are similar to expectations. Also, you should run this test frequently.

Also, you should check the usability with the usability testing, which can show us the experience of using the app, and one of the best ways for usability check is to hire some testers for it. Furthermore, there is an Interface testing that is showing the connection between the website and the server. There are four main parts of the Usability test, recruiting the testers, choosing the strategy, running tests with the help of experts, and good analysis.

One of the most important processes is the test of Compatibility. Today, we have a lot of different devices that we can use for Internet searches, such as PC, Laptop, iOS, Android smartphones, and many more, and it is necessary to check if your website is working correctly on each of these platforms.

Besides that, there are so many different devices, there are also numerous browsers that we can use for the web search, so it is also important to check if the application is working on each of these browsers too.

When the website passes all of the previous tests, you have to test its performance and security. During the performance test, the website is being observed while it is under different internet speeds, and test its tendency to crash. The test of security is left for the end because you run this test when the app is ready to go on the market. The app needs to have a proper security from malware, or any hacker attacks.

There are many testing programs today, that you can use for checking your app or website to see if there are any problems with them. Software’s like Comparium are specially made for checking the website, and finding any possible problems.

Website Testing Software

Comparium represents a simple software that everyone can use to see how their website looks on different browsers and platforms. When the process of testing is done, Comparium is sending the screenshots of your website with examples of how it looks in different browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, or Google Chrome.

With this kind of web testing, you will only need a link to the webpage that you want to check, and you will know if there are any issues within a few minutes. This software will test the website through several browsers such as Safari and Chrome, and other ones that are frequently used, and show you how your website looks on each one of them. Furthermore, it will run tests through different operating systems like Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

Also, you don`t have to be sitting in front of your PC while you are waiting for the tests because you can leave your e-mail, address, and link to your page. You will get an e-mail with the information from the tests.

Comparium is a young company, with only three versions of its testing software. The first version was supporting Windows operating system while it is using Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The same is for Linux, and for macOS, there is also an upgrade for the Safari browser.

In the second version of this software, there are some upgrades like better support for various resolutions of the browsers, additional ability to repeat search from the screenshot. In the version number 2, you can choose between automatic and manual screen matching.

There is a version between the second and the third, the Comparium 2.5, which has some improvements like the ability to run tests with smartphones, sharing of screenshots, change of proxy servers and locations for screenshots, and screenshots delay.

The latest version of Comparium, 3.0, has all of the upgrades that make this software to be one of the best on the market. Version 3.0 has an auto detection and test of local web sites, simulation of slower internet conditions, and it can display in various resolutions.

Also, you can download the results of the testing, or check the history of tests for your website. There is a team of developers and testers who can constantly review your website and support for Selenium testing.

Currently, you can only use version 1.0, which is free for users and has support for most popular operating systems and browsers. Other versions with upgrades will require a purchase. In the early stage of development, Comparium only supports the most popular browsers, but they are planning to expand on more than 2 thousand existing browsing platforms. It is expected to also support the Android applications soon, which will make this program capable of testing websites and apps in almost all of the platforms that we are using today.

With all of these features, this software from the Electronic Team is a game-changer when it comes to solutions for quickly finding any issue, and make you sure that your app is running correctly, and looking good. This company has more than 15 years of experience in developing all sorts of software and a team of around 50 people.