Australia Fires: What Could You do About it?

Australia is being ravaged by the worst conflagration seen in decades since it began in late July 2019. It caused dozens of people to die, and more than 2,000 homes been destroyed or damaged.

How was the blaze triggered?

Australia has always experienced inferno in its “blaze season”. But in 2019, the flames were a lot worse than in past years. They are usually caused by lightning strikes or by sparks. Of course, some of those flare-ups are set deliberately.

For 2019 Australia conflagration, an overwhelming consensus is that climate changes cause them. It is the rising levels of CO2 that warms the planet. Australia has been getting hotter over recent years, and this hotter, drier climate will contribute to fires burning more frequent and intense.

Australian State and federal authorities are struggling to contain the massive blazes, with professional help from the US, Canada, New Zealand, and other countries. Professionals are the first in line to battle the flames, but the thousands of volunteers outnumber them. Nevertheless, over four months passed, and Australia’s deadly flames are showing no signs of stopping.

Safety Engineering

Yes, Australian conflagration is a warning to the world. Many countries are reminded of the increasing force in blaze protection. As ordinary person, of course, cannot extinguish the flame like Automan. Still, we need to do something, like enhancing the awareness of the prevention and acquire some basic knowledge on the subject, rather than desperately doing nothing when devastating things come.

I looked up much information via CatEight Course Finder, finding that there has been a discipline of safety engineering set up by many universities, specifically training students of related majors on prevention and protection. Let’s see what blaze fighting engineering knowledge people can get from this discipline.

This subject aims to equip people with understanding the fundamentals of blaze dynamics and science concerning safety. On completion of the program study, you will acquire the necessary technical skills and basic knowledge of flare safety engineering and performance-base engineering approaches for buildings.

Some universities treat flare safety engineering as a branch of civil engineering or structural and architectural engineering. Hence the program name varies a little bit.

The knowledge you will get

The program delivers a fundamental understanding of flare safety science and engineering principles. It introduces the performance-based build regulatory framework under which the safety engineering is practiced. The active building flare services, human response to conflagration, and the concept of risk are also covered.

We can see that this course is relevant to getting the necessary technical skills and basic knowledge of flare engineering approaches for buildings.

So please be cautious, as we get professional knowledge, we can apply it. As for the deadly flames in the outside environment, we should be quite careful, because they are so fiercer than one could imagine, and we need to keep ourselves safe..

Fire prevention

The deadly blazes in Australia have burnt through almost two million hectares in New South Wales and Queensland alone. While people can flee the flames and evacuate them, they are devastating wildlife in those areas, with koalas yelping for help, beehives caught in the path of danger, and food chains interrupted.

With a degree in the safety engineering, you can get career opportunities in Fire Safety Engineer, Fire Safety Project Manager, or Fire Safety Inspector. With your rich work experience, you can volunteer to help with flame protection.

In general, the job of a flare-up safety engineer is to research the cause of conflagration, determine the protection methods, and recommend materials or equipment to assist amortizations in safeguarding life and properties.

The job of the safety inspectors is to keep people, buildings, and other structures safe. The primary responsibility is to conduct site inspections, search for hazards, test alarms and other protection equipment, and review emergency evacuation plans to ensure they conform to building regulations.

If there’s an increased risk of flare-ups, then extra professionals are put in place, trucks are prepared, and the pilots are put on standby.

It is needed to send a rapid response team out during this first attack. These are crews who are fully kitted out with firefighting gear and water-carrying vehicles. At the same time, the national government of Australia has undertaken sharp criticism that it’s not been doing enough against climate change and disaster prevention.

Despite there are specialized courses designed for fire prevention engineering and some professionals are cultivated from universities, the talents for civil and environmental engineering are far from enough.

Because of the alarm of great fires that happened in Australia 2019, in Amazon 2019, and other areas in the world, humans are now increasing much more attention to the development of fire safety and prevention engineering. Fire protection engineers are in increasing demand.

The plans for future

As the Australian blaze includes the 20-million-acres land, the whole world has been captivated and heartbroken by the destruction of some of the planet’s most beautiful areas. Throughout the entire nation, flames have caused the deaths of nearly half a billion animals, including almost a third of the whole koala population.

While  that is a natural part of the Australian cycle, the Bureau of Meteorology has said the rising heat had exacerbated drought, which in turn has made it more dreadful and fiercer.

The Fire Service Authority in Australia is launching emergency aid activities. Australia’s government created a new National Conflagration Recovery Agency to help fund blaze relief and authorized payments to volunteers, some of whom have now spent months on duty.

As ordinary persons, we can give donations to help manage local professional efforts and provide accommodations for displaced residents. We hope that those homeless people and wildlife animals will find a new residence soon.

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