Why you should browse Austin, Texas Real Estate vs. Dallas Homes for Sale

Austin is an up-and-coming, eccentric, and vibrant city that has the best of the North and the South combined into one metropolis. Although Texas is usually viewed as being quite traditional, conventional, and “southern”, Austin combines the best Texan aspects with a more liberal attitude of other states in the United States. With quintessential Texas characteristics, such as the friendly people, interesting architecture, great outdoor spaces, and ideal weather, combined with the liberalism of other cities, such as having numerous expats and artistic areas of the city, Austin is one of the best cities for young people to move to in this day and age.

But why should you consider looking at Austin real estate over going to other Texas cities, such as Dallas or Houston? There are many benefits of looking into Austin for your next move – let’s see why you should look at Austin real estate over other nearby cities!

The top reasons that you should look at Austin, Texas Real Estate

There are pros and cons of living in every city or suburb in the United States – however, if you’re looking at Austin, Texas real estate, this is a smart move if you’re looking for a change of pace, you want beautiful weather, plenty of cultural sights, you are a young millennial, and you enjoy friendly hospitality. See more options on Lake Travis in the Austin area, Texas real estate. Let’s check out a few reasons why moving to Austin could be the best life move so far!

Everyone is friendly

Although this can seem like a cliche, it is a cliche for a reason – everyone in Texas is very friendly and Austin is no different! When you are browsing Austin, Texas real estate, you never have to worry about if your neighbors are going to be friendly. The majority of people who live here are welcoming, open, and excited to have new people move into the area. Everyone in the city is outgoing, making it easy for you to move here as a professional or solo traveler who is looking to make new friends and establish a sense of community.

Good for young professionals and millennials

The next reason that you should consider looking at Austin, Texas real estate as a young person is because of the opportunities and the fun vibe of this city. Millennials make up over ½ of Austin’s current population – so you will not be alone! You can easily find friends at local bars, cafes, and hang-out spots, along with having a great chance at finding a job that is targeted to those who are just out of college.

Outdoor opportunities for exercise and recreation

If you want to join your local kickball league or you enjoy playing flag football on Sundays, then browsing Austin, Texas real estate is the best move for you. You can find a house that is close to one of the many parks, outdoor green spaces, walking trails, and sports courts. Austin has plenty of outdoor recreation and exercise opportunities, with lakes, rivers, green spaces, parks, football fields, and much more for you and your family to enjoy. Lake Travis has some of the best outdoor areas, parks, trails, and sports areas for you and your children to run around on a weekend morning!

Plenty of restaurants for everyone to enjoy

The next aspect that is great about looking at Austin, Texas real estate instead of Dallas is the food scene. Although quintessential Texan and Southern food can be fun for the first few weeks, it can get old – and what now? Fortunately for you, Austin is one of the best foodie places in the entire country. With plenty of food trucks, cute cafes, espresso shops, bars, Tex Mex gems, barbecue hidden restaurants, and typical American cuisine, you can find something that everyone will like in this city. If you are thinking of moving to the Lake Travis area, there are numerous restaurants and eateries in this enjoyable Austin suburb!

The Weather is unbeatable

The next reason to look at Austin, Texas real estate is because of the weather. Even though states like Florida and California try to argue that they have the best weather, Texas reigns supreme with constant 70-degree days nearly every single day of the year and sunshine that makes you always want to be outside. Living in Texas is sure to make you happy and give you plenty of Vitamin D! When comparing Austin to Dallas, Austin is acutely one of the sunniest cities in America with over 225 days of sunshine every year!

The music and culture draws huge crowds

If you are longing for a live music scene, enjoy a new culture, and really get a feel for what the people and the vibe are like in a new place, Austin is the place to go. With a great mix of foreigners who are coming from other states and countries and locals who have lived here their whole life, you can get a great mix of unique and traditional in one place. Not to mention, Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World – when compared to Dallas, looking at Austin, Texas real estate is the better option for those who enjoy sitting outside, having a beer, and listening to a live band!

More housing options

When comparing Dallas and Austin, the Austin housing market is booming more than ever. If you are trying to find an apartment, second-story room, townhouse, or full house for you and your family, you will have no shortage of options when it comes to looking at Austin, Texas real estate. With a variety of neighborhoods and suburbs with close proximity to Austin, such as Lake Travis, you can find the perfect choice that works well for you as a young professional retired couple or family!


As you can see, moving to the Lake Travis/Austin area is the best choice for those who want it all! If you want great weather, a good housing market with plenty of options, outdoor music, various recreational opportunities, and friendly people, then consider browsing Austin, Texas real estate instead of moving to Dallas.

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