Top 10 Attractions and Things to Do in Luxor City

Line after line, Luxor City keeps filling in magical words to create the finest postcard ever and offer it as an invitation to each of the traveling enthusiasts to be welcomed by the charm and magic of it. The city will, feverishly, welcome you into each of its milestones, from the most ancient, to the latest modern. Further, it’ll offer you an invisible canvas filled with different colors and embodiments of the Ancient Egypt Civilization and the Ancient Great History of Egypt. It’ll cover every empty space on the canvas with feelings you’ll be experiencing, during your trip, that you’ll not be able to describe. It’s your chance now to look for any missing element that can add to the pure beauty of the canvas by having a tour to Luxor from the so many Luxor tours that are presented by that nailed its position as a trusted place in the tourism industry due to the copious satisfied feedback the tourists provide.

1- Let the Valley of the Kings Be Your Compass

Valley of the Kings has a power in it that flies from its very essence. From approximately 1539 BC to 1075 BC the valley was claimed by New Kingdom’s pharaohs as their burial site from Ramses II, Seti I, and Tutankhamun, alongside other variety of nobles, queens, and religious men. A number of 63 significant tombs can be frequent inside the valley, each tomb was announced to be of a certain New Kingdom’s noble figure of, from the 18th Dynasty to the 20th Dynasty.

Each tomb embraces all the personal items that belong to the figure, from books that they used to turn their pages, to clothes that once used to hug their bodies, and even the slightest items can be found buried with them that’ll be the passage that’ll transfer you to a major part of Egypt Ancient History!

2- Let the Temple of Hatshepsut Lead You into the Heart of Ancient Egypt History

Hatshepsut Temple is a construction that won’t be forgotten over history. The Temple’s greatness still exists, is appreciated, and is still able to blow every mind. Since 1479 BC, the temple has acted as a scholar with rich knowledge that’ll get you into the heart of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. It was built by her highness, Queen Hatshepsut, who was a big fan of Mentuhotep II’s aesthetic temple. Therefore, she outlined the temple to be the second copy of Mentuhotep’s magical construction.

She used the most charming preserving material and techniques ever that looked exactly the same as those of Mentuhotep’s with just a faint difference if you were to squint. Being the main shelter of one of the most significant deities, Amun, the deity of the sun, the temple was given birth to by the significant skills of Senenmut, Amun’s Chief Steward.

3- See How the Powerful Pharaoh Amenhotep Seated by Visiting the Colossi of Memnon

In 1350 BC, the world was left in awe, as a synonym for “larger-than-life statues” were brought into existence. the Colossi of Memnon, two hefty statues honoring Pharaoh Amenhotep, are among the constructions that people could easily capture with their eyes and sense with their bodies how much greatness they present just from miles away.

It’s a scene for roaming eyes to take many shots of, the pharaoh seated in a position that screams authority and control. The two magnificent sculptures are believed to exist as total protection for the pharaoh’s superior temple, a superb temple in Luxor Western Bank that’s worthy of such solid strict protection from Amenhotep, himself.

4- Touch Karnak Temple’s Superb Walls by Your Hands

From the Old Kingdom to the New and the Ptolemaic Kingdom, between 2000 BC and 30 BC, the Temple has been a marvel that the world cannot but behold. You’ll see that the temple’s erection infuses tangible and intangible majesty all at once. As Karnak Temple has managed to melt the intangible holy sensations only can be felt inside it, with tangible terrific sculptures scattered inside it that you’ll be able to feel their texture with your hands, commemorating Khonsu, Amun, and Matt.

5- Stroll Medinat Habu

The site is the definition of a captivating necropolis that rose to the world between (664 BC-30 BC) that’s encircled by a temple’s walls that were given birth by Ramses III. Medinat Habu will make you a goner for every godly scene you see was carved that managed to convey every element of power and supremacy. Scenes of King Ramses III’s epic odysseys with The Sea and Nubian People, alongside the Libyans.

The stunning construction is among the constructions that stand proud in Western Luxor, Upper Egypt. Even more, the site came as a feted commemoration of Amun. A kind of commemoration that comes with two towers has always been the reason why Medinat Habu stood out, embodying the Syrian Migdol’s castles.

6- Tour Luxor Temple at Night & Let the Sound and Light Show Wash You with Egypt’s Greatness

Luxor Temple is one of the most gripping temples that, with no doubt, has always managed to catch attention. It came as the fruit of Amenhotep’s determination to build a host house for the Opet Festival. It’s a largely unique festival that was held in 1400 BC, that the temple depicts inside its mechanism. As Images of Amun, the sun god, his son, Khonsu, alongside Mut, his wife, were processioned from Karnak Temple all the way to meet Amenhotep in Luxor Temple.

And a popular show that tourists always hurry up to have a seat in is the Sound and Light Show, that’s embraced by Luxor Temple. The show will get you ten-step more engaged in the ancient history and civilization of Egypt. Offering you pieces of information that you used to have a peek of from your Egypt history book. Further, it illustrates how many nobles and royals left ink imprints behind that won’t be erased, imprints that added to the greatness of the ancient Egyptian Civilization that has no equal.

7- Roam the City Cornish in a Horse Ride

All the beauty you’ll see in Luxor City, nonetheless, there are other levels of beauty in the city Cornish you’ll sense even with your eyes closed. The City’s Cornish has an air that’s able to take in all your stress and replace it with a new refreshing dose that’ll go rushing through your system, inhaling the freshest air you can provide your body with.

Further, it’s this kind of place that’s hyperactive in every way possible from the different gatherings there, whether they are friends, lovers, or family, to the noise that’s a part of the fetching Cornish atmosphere, adding to the distinctiveness of it. And the most significant thing you can do is have a horse ride to watch and behold every mentioned adventure while being steps away from the ground, treasuring every memory you’ll have.

8- Be surrounded by the Turquoise Waters of Banana Island

There are so many words that can describe the elegance of Banana Island, and whatever word you pick, will be synonyms and connotations for grandeur, beauty, and supremacy. The island comes with a view that’s the most perfect for a Nile Felucca, roaming the turquoise waters that linger around the island. You’ll have magical shots unfolding to you.

Further, you’ll be bound to live the most epic sunset atmosphere while being served a dainty dinner. There’ll be countless blessings if the scenes unveil in front of your eyes, as with every mouthful you savor of your high-quality meal, a new shade of sun will come to kiss your skin, tinting its texture a honey color.

9- Try the Latest Luxor’s Discovery; the Hot Air Balloons

Thousands of words you’ll try to voice out experiencing one of Luxor’s Hot Balloons being the best alluring thing the city offers to its visitors, especially, those of the first time. Let the Hot Balloon be the light that’ll illuminate a new path of adventure for you, one that has so many different vibes at the very end of it. The city’s hot balloon is up for 30 persons maximum, although you can give a private ride, floating at 1500-feet height.

Also, one thing you need to be careful about; children who are less than 6 Y.O are not allowed in. Get in and feel the air tickling your skin while getting closer to tapering the milky sky. For the most magnetic part of your adventure, your eyes will be given permission to leave their trails on the Nile River, and the ample desert. You’ll be floating strolling a variety of Luxor attractions but in other settings and brand-new sensations.

10- Visit Luxor Museum

With the Ministry of Culture founding the Luxor Museum, it gave the visitors that chance, that even blindfolded, they’ll be able to imagine how the museum looks like just getting inside and being overwhelmed with the vibes it provides. And with the blindfold still blocking their vision, they can still expect what kinds of items Luxor Museum offers according to the different levels of authenticity and greatness the museum translates. The first time when people began to frequent this Luxor City’s construction was in 1975. There were so many pieces welcomed later by the museum that was added by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities to work as a catalyst in attracting more visitors.

Not to mention that the historical marvels the museum has will overflow their limit of apprehension. Pieces with roots that belong to the Old Kingdom can be found on full display in the Luxor Museum’s Garden. Other pieces, that will come as a part of your exploration, include a precisely carved sculpture of Thutmose III, another statue belonging to Amenhotep, as well as the Oshabty Statue, and of course other grandiose ones!

Luxor is a city that’ll act as if your mind were a blank piece of paper starting lining up all its dimensions with glamour and supremacy. While keeping aligning your mind, Luxor City will save enough space to fit the greatness of each of its mesmerizing attractions.

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