Are Hookah Pens Bad for You – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

With all the hype around vaping and the emergence of new vaping devices, people are advised to assess the effects of what they consume. E-cigarettes contain fewer harmful ingredients as compared to traditional cigarettes, but experts recommend using non-nicotine vaping products to avoid more health risks.

Hookah pens, commonly known as e-hookahs or electronic hookahs, are electronic devices that burn liquid juice containing nicotine and other ingredients to produce vapor when inhaled. They come in a variety of types ranging from simple hookah pens to sophisticated e-shisha nicotine devices.

Because of the ingredients in the e-juice used in these devices, people are always concerned about their safety. The biggest question is: are hookah pens bad for you? Just to be on the safe side, there is a lot you need to know about them.

Components of Hookah Pens

Are hookah pens bad for you? To know whether you are using the right products, it is crucial to know how it works. An e-hookah is a vaping device with components you will find in any other vaping device. They include the following:

  • The chassis – This is the body shell that accommodates all other components. Modern e-hookahs have a metal alloy chassis that is durable and attractive at the same time. It also contains the mouthpiece, from which users inhale the vapor. For more information, visit
  • The batteries – Hookah pens as well as other vape pens use contained batteries to power the burning of the vape juice and light the indicator lights or screen. The latest models have rechargeable batteries, so all you need to do is plug the device in through a USB-C charger. These batteries prevent risks of explosions and other problems caused by traditional e-cig batteries.
  • Tank or cartridges – These are containers that hold the e-juice. Cartridges are becoming popular because they come pre-filled. All you need to do is plug them into position and power your device. They prevent risks of leakage, making these devices very safe even when traveling.
  • Coil, atomizer, and wick – These components work together to burn the e-juice in the tank. They are made of high-resistance materials that last a long time and prevent the burning of the e-juice. Hence, users get the best experience on top of keeping accidents at bay.
  • E-juice – Are hookah pens bad for you? This is a big concern for many people, and if you are wondering, then you should learn more about e-juice as well as the benefits and dangers of hookah pens. E-juice is the liquid containing flavored nicotine juice that users vape. We will look at it in detail here below.

Ingredients in Hookah Pen Juice

Are hookah pens bad for you? The hookah pen’s nicotine content and other ingredients will tell you whether it is bad or good for you. However, health experts are concerned about the chemicals in these ingredients. Some of the liquids could expose users to equal or more risk than traditional tobacco cigarettes. So, what do hookah pens contain? Here is what you should know:

  • Nicotine – This is the biggest concern for many people. Nicotine is addictive and contains poisonous components found in tobacco plants. Although it is satisfying, according to the users, one craves it periodically, and over time, one may become addicted. The good thing is that it can be regulated in hookah pens. Some e-juice has no nicotine while others have mild, mid, or strong levels.
  • Vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol – These are food-grade base components that cause no harm to the body according to health regulatory bodies. There is no need to worry about them as long as you buy your hookah pen from a reliable source. So, are hookah pens bad for you? If your concern is the base, then there is no need to fret.
  • Flavorings – Do flavorings make e-hookah harmful? They don’t, and that’s because they are typically extracted from natural sources such as fruits, essential oils, milk, chocolate, and the like. However, e-hookahs with tobacco flavor often contain nicotine and carry some health risks.

Risks Associated with Hookah Pens

After reading of all these tips, you might still be wondering: are hookah pens bad for you? Some are while others are not. But how are e-hookahs bad? The risks are primarily in the e-juice, although the device can put you at a risk as well.

The e-juice that contains nicotine and other chemicals increases the risk of breathing and heart problems in adults. Health experts recommend reducing the nicotine level or even a complete withdrawal. For keen users, you will need to dwell on other flavors rather than nicotine and keep the latter as low as possible.

Nicotine e-juice is also associated with some types of cancer and is not recommended for people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, and others. So, is e hookah pen bad for you? It will be bad when the wrong e-juice is used or if it is used in the wrong instances.

Would you still want to know if are hookah pens are bad for you? If yes, then you should know something about the safety of the device. Apart from the health impacts of the e-juice, some users have been exposed to explosion risks and leaks when carrying hookah pens around. An explosion can be caused by faulty batteries and can risk your life when it happens during use or when carrying portable devices in your pocket. However, modern devices have safety devices and come with high-performance batteries to avoid such instances.

How to Use Hookah Pens Safety

Lastly, it is worth noting that you can use a hookah pen for the best experience without putting your health or life at any risk. So, are hookah pens bad for you? If you pay attention to the e-liquid used in them, then you will be safe. Just ensure that it is bought from a legit seller and that it contains low-level nicotine. Also, be sure to use the device as recommended by the manufacturer to avoid any accidents.

Are hookah pens bad for you? They are if used incorrectly. But they are ultimately a healthier alternative to smoking, especially when used appropriately. This guide has provided you with all the important information to make the right decisions, so follow it when buying your next device.

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