Are Expensive Electric Skateboards Worth the Extra Money?

Electric skateboards by are undoubtedly more fun than regular skateboards. A major pro of having an electric skateboard is that each ride with it will be thoroughly enjoyable. E-skateboards often come with wireless remotes that the rider can hold in their hand to control the movement and direction of the skateboard. The speed these skateboards can give is at the rider’s fingertips.

Typically, the average speed range you can get from an electric skateboard is 16 km/h- 80 km/h, or 10-50 mph. The speed range can vary from skateboard to skateboard as manufacturers use different parts and different batteries.

How long a particular cycle will last depends on the battery life of the skateboard. It can fall anywhere in the range of 16km – 97 km. The range of many skateboards is improved if it contains batteries that can be swapped out.

No matter how fun the skateboarding experience is, it is still an ordeal for which you would have to spend your money. Many secondary costs are involved with an electric skateboard once you buy it. These costs will determine whether electric skateboards are worth the money or not. Let’s have a look at them:

Cost of the Skateboard

Electric skateboards do not have a set price. The cost of these skateboards falls into a price range of $200 to $3000+.

This price range can be smaller for you if you have a limited budget. The cost of any product varies depending on the manufacturing process, the products used, and the performance it promises. High-end boards give more in terms of user satisfaction and performance, and the same level cannot be expected from skateboards with a lower price range.


Cost of your Gear

Protective gear is as important as your skateboard when you are stepping out of the house for a ride. If you choose to buy an electric skateboard, you should also keep some portion of your budget reserved for protective gear. If you do not want to go all in, you should at least invest in buying a quality helmet to protect your head in case of an accident.

If you are buying only a helmet, it can cost you anything between the range of $40-$300. Your choice depends on your budget and the characteristics of the helmet. Go for a good quality helmet that is durable and genuinely offers protection for your head. Also, remember to buy a new helmet in case you fall and hit your head. Most helmets lose a great deal of their effectiveness after they absorb the shock from a hit.

If you want to buy the full protective gear, it will include elbow pads and knee pads as well. These pads can fall in the range of $20-$50 each and are pretty durable. They will seldom need replacement and truly is an investment worth making if you plan to skateboard regularly. Protective gloves are also a part of your protective gear and mainly serve the function of protecting the skin of your palms from any scrapes that might result from falls. They can also prevent the bones of the wrist from breaking. Buy gloves that offer wrist protection; it will cost you something around $70.

If you want to take the protection a step further, look into armored hoodies. These are best suited for skateboarders who prefer to ride at high speeds. Looking like regular hoodies, these armored hoodies have pads in them that can absorb the shock in case of impact to protect you. The average price you would have to pay for them is nearly $200.

Another important part of your protective gear will be lights and reflective gear. It is only necessary if you frequently ride at night. For your board, using mountable lights can cost you $50 or more. Your reflective gear will cost you nearly $20. You can also choose to wear reflective clothes like a reflective hoodie.


There is a Cost of Charging

You might not count charging the batteries of your electric skateboard at home. It will not cost you much if you take the cost as it comes per charge. If you are recharging the battery at home, the price of charging would depend on the rate of electricity by your service provider. It can cost you approximately 20 cents to fully charge your skateboard before each use.

There will also be the added cost of replacing the battery when it becomes redundant. But that cost will not be a concern for at least a couple of years. A new battery will cost you nearly $200. This price is liable to change depending on the type of battery.


Replacing Skateboard Parts

No product can last forever. Wear and tear is a common reason why your skateboard’s life expectancy can be reduced. Typically, any electric skateboard comes with a life of 4-5 years. It can vary depending on your riding habits, the care you take of your board, and the deteriorating conditions it is exposed to. For example, a board ridden on every day will last for a shorter time as compared to a board that saw less action.

Some warranties may interest you as they cover the common issues that may come up. The wheels and the battery of your e-skateboard will be the first parts to sustain damage. Maintaining them might delay deterioration, but it will happen sooner rather than later. New wheels can cost you $50 or $120, depending on the quality and characteristics.

If you have to buy a new motor for your board, that can be a comparatively expensive affair as the price range can be between $170 to $500. Like all other parts, the price depends on the material used, the performance promised, and the brand.

Replacing parts of the electric skateboard as and when the need arises will be cheaper for you than buying a new skateboard over a minor inconvenience.


The Takeaway

Electric Skateboards last for nearly five years, so if you face problems after that much time, it might be time to get a new one. So, if you think that the experience you will get out of buying an electric skateboard will be worth the money: Go for it!