Aquarium Interior Ideas

You’ve finally done it. You’ve decided that it was time and you were ready. You’ve just installed your first aquarium within your home or outside in your backyard. It’s a big step and a commitment to these little fish of various species that will spend their days within the home you’ve provided for them.

Now comes the part of decorating your aquarium. While the aquarium changes your décor on its own and you now have fish of different colors swimming through the shimmering water while the lighting system reflects; you still need to add some décor to the aquarium itself in order to make your new pets happy.

Most fish species in the wild will find secluded and private areas for hiding from predators along with resting places. This instinct is still within the fish even if they are in your aquarium, so in order to provide your fish with a higher quality of life and the opportunity to show off their playful side; it is highly recommended that you use some type of interior objects for decoration.

Interior Ideas for Aquarium

The following information is a brief but not complete list of different items that can be placed inside your aquarium for your aquatic friends to enjoy. Remember, you can put virtually anything you can think of inside the aquarium but always confirm that it’s been sterilized properly (and safely) before doing so!

The Bottom – the first thing you want to look at when it comes to outfitting your aquarium is the type of bottom you want to put into your tank in terms of décor. Some people prefer a sandy bottom to mimic a beach setting, others use gravel of both large and small sizing (or a combination), and some people love the look of colorful glass stones lining to the bottom or mixed in with another substance.

Rocks – both plastic and real, rocks are the ideal addition to your aquarium. They offer your pet fish places to hide, rest, and even obstacles to swim around so they get their exercise. If you are using real rocks from the garden, wash them with the proper soaps to remove any possible contaminants. Also choose hard, non-porous rocks that won’t leak calcium and other sediments into the water.

Clay Pots – clay pots can be turned into caves for the fish, act as barriers and obstacles within the aquarium, and give your fish somewhere to huddle while resting. They are made from a natural material so there are no chemicals that could pollute the water (unless they are painted with a toxic paint).

Action Figures – when it comes to putting toys and other items, such as action figures, into the aquarium; it is possible but not always recommended. Use action figures that have smooth, rounded edges to avoid injury to the fish, wash the action figures with a non-toxic soap then use a waterproof sealant on the entire thing to prevent contamination, and then glue the bottom of the action figure to the aquarium to secure in place.


Plant Life – fish will love the addition of plant life in their aquarium, but it is important to use only plants that are not harmful to fish and instead can promote a healthier existence. Some plants will produce an abundance of algae which can clog the water, reduce the oxygen levels, and raise bacteria levels. Only choose plants that are suitable for an aquarium and life underwater.

Glass – beach glass that has been worn smooth by the sea is one of the perfect additions for an aquarium due to its smoothed edges and natural composition. It also captures and reflects the light for a beautiful rainbow display of color!

Tidbit to Remember

When it comes to owning an aquarium and having interior items such as the ones mentioned above, it is always a good idea to have a sturdy and solid water filtration system. Granted, your aquarium should have a water filtration system regardless to promote a healthy environment for your marine life but when you have internal décor such as plants; you need one.

Plants especially can cause a higher abundance of algae in the water of the aquarium which blocks the light source to the water while creating a breeding ground for bacteria at the same time. This blocked light will result in a lower water temperature which could have disastrous effects on your fish’s health and wellbeing.

Consult expert sources at your local pet store or online when it comes to choosing the best water filtration system for the style of your aquarium (as freshwater and saltwater options differ). One high contender in the marketplace? You can head over to for best option.



You don’t need to rush out and purchase expensive items for your aquarium but instead, you can use treasures that are found around the home. Older toys and figurines that your children have outgrown can be used as previously mentioned, or if you want to purchase new – visit your local pet store or department store to find some great deals. Some places will even offer value packs of aquarium décor that fit a theme, such as sunken treasure chests surrounded by a sunken pirate ship.

Use the interior of your aquarium to showcase your creative personality and as a showcase for the stunning array of colors that are your fish in your new aquarium.