How to apply for a Spanish Golden visa – 2021 Guide

Have you ever heard about golden visas? You have probably heard about the term but why is it called golden and what does it really mean?

According to, in order to get the Golden Visa, you need to invest at least $500,000 or more, whether you are buying a home or properties of other kinds.

There are several types of visas, and the types differ from country to country. Only in the US, there are more than 180 types of visas, and they are all different thanks to the reason why someone wants to stay in the country, temporarily or permanently. Although categorizing all these visas into immigrant and nonimmigrant visas seems like the solution that is the simplest of them all, there still is a lot to understand and consume, if you want to become a part of this complicated system, which is why the best option (and the option people are usually going for) is to hire a professional, a lawyer, who can help you during the process, making sure you don’t make any mistakes during the process.

When it comes to Europe, it seems like the situation is easier to navigate, since there are only three types of visas in general, and they are called the Schengen Visas. However, every European country has its own rules and visa types, but this system is far less complex, compared to the one that is present in the US. Good news are that many countries, whether they are European or they belong to a non-European group, whether it’s their political system or for geographical reasons, offer short term and long term citizenships to people who meet specific requirements and criteria such as owning a property or spending certain amount of money investing in the country of your choice, combined with spending a certain amount of time living in it, creating job opportunities or other required achievements. And this exact process is the process that you have to go through if you want to get a golden visa. Simply put, a golden visa is the visa that can provide you with a residency or citizenship, in the best case scenario. In return, you need to do certain things that are required from you, in order to become a candidate for this visa, and in order to get it in the end.

One of the countries that are most popular when it comes to golden visas is Spain. What’s the reason behind this? The answer is simple. This country offers a unique lifestyle, great quality of life, beautiful nature and lively cityscapes. Other than this, enjoying the benefits of living in the sun is something that’s number one on people’s lists of priorities. Who wouldn’t wanna live in a country that’s bathed in sunlight almost all the time, all-year round? The amazing food, astonishing beaches and rich culture are also some of the reasons why people choose this country instead of others, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Spain is the number one on the list of countries that UK citizens choose when they want to migrate somewhere. According to numerous surveys, the slower, more relaxed lifestyle, with rich social life and closer bonds with people is perfect for the ones that have had a different lifestyle that didn’t provide them with enough significant social interactions. If you want to feel welcomed and appreciated, Spain is the right country for you, since it emphasizes the importance of creating and maintaining deep community bonds.

But that’s not all. Spain is the perfect place to start a business or to get a job. The percentage of employment in this country goes above and beyond the expectations and is something around 90% for expats, so your job prospects might be significantly higher than the ones in your native country. On the other hand, business owners have an amazing starting point since the business climate in this country is more than welcoming. There is also a big shortage of skills which is a great thing if you’re looking for a job where your special skills could provide you a great job opportunity. Whether you choose the bigger cities such as Madrid or Barcelona or you go with much smaller and places that are more silent and more calm, the most needed and most popular professions are the professions such as engineering, teaching, programming etc.

Astounding properties are another reason for you to move to this country and no other. Considering the fact that the climate is warm, sunny and beautiful most of the time, this is the perfect fit for gorgeous properties that have amazing views, or are by the seaside. But that’s not the only type of property you can purchase in Spain. People are usually impressed by the wide variety of different properties you can buy, from affordable and traditional homes, to the ones that are high-end, luxurious and impressive both in size and price. Whether you are looking for an extravagant villa or a single family home, or if you are looking for a townhouse, you will find everything you are looking for.

If Spain is the country of your dreams, then you certainly wonder how the process of getting a golden visa looks like and what are the steps you need to make in order to meet all the requirements. Let’s dig into that.

This is only one of the ways you can make an investment, but it is at the same time, the lowest amount of money to invest, compared to investing in Spanish shares or public debt, where the amount of money you need to invest goes up to four times bigger.

However, creating job opportunities for Spanish citizens is a great way to apply for a Spanish visa, and it’s highly appreciated by the Spanish government.

You don’t have to make the initial investment before you apply for the visa, the only thing you need to do is to deposit the right amount of money in one of the Spanish banks, because they have to see that you are willing, ready and committed to invest, which is the biggest requirement for getting the Gold Visa.

Then you should go to the Spanish embassy or consulate, where you can lodge your application. Except for the application form, you need to prepare the usual documents such as your passport, new photos, proof of investment, police clearance, medical certificates etc.

After you make the investment, the process is more than simple. Just apply, submit your documents and get your Visa!