Will the App for Tracking Coronavirus Infected People Become Mandatory?

The government of Austria is considering making an app for tracking infected people mandatory for all their citizens, and some political parties are of opposing views.

The President of the Austrian Parliament Wolfgang Sobotka has stated that if the usage of this app shows to be effective in protecting the health of Austrian people, then he supports the decision of making it obligatory. He also mentioned that it is currently being determined if the Red Cross of Austria App which tracks contacts of disease carriers is in accordance with the Austrian Constitution. The mandatory usage of this app appears to not break the constitution if it is limited to a specified time.

The leader of the MP Club Austrian Greens Sigrid Maurer has also approved of introducing this new law, claiming that from the viewpoint of data protection, nothing speaks against it.

However, not everyone supports this decision. The Freedom Party of Austria, a nationalist-conservative party has privacy concerns. Their Chief Secretary Michael Schnedlitz has stated that the Green Coalition targets the freedom and protection of personal data and that it tests the limits of this state of emergency.