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Anne Buydens Net Worth 2021

Anna Buydens is an American-German, Belgian film producer. She is well known in Hollywood, both as a film producer, occasional actress, and philanthropist, but also as a fashion icon. She was married to Kirk Douglas, who unfortunately passed away at the age of 103. and a wife of the recently late Kirk Douglas.

To know more about this icon and what’s her net worth, keep reading this article.

Early Life of Anne Buydens

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Anne was born in Hanover, Germany on April 23, 1919. She emigrated to Belgium with her family when she was a teenager. After Belgium, she moved to Switzerland where she started her education, and after that, she settled in Paris.

The Career of Anne Buydens

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When Anne moved to Paris she had a great advantage, she was well educated and because of her knowledge of many languages, she was doing translations for subtitles with film studios. She also worked as a publicist for the ‘Act of Love’ by the world-famous film director Anatole Litvak. In this film, she was hired by Kirk himself.

When she married Kirk she helped him overcome his financial troubles, she helped him change his managers and she became responsible for his career. She highly influenced Kirk and helped him create his movie company, Bryna Productions.

She worked as a producer, and she produced Before I Forget, a movie about her husband’s life and career, from 2009. She also had some notable roles in the film Deep River and Scalawag.

Besides that Anne was a survivor, she recovered from breast cancer, and she dedicated her life to helping others fight these awful diseases. She created a foundation “Research for Women’s Cancers”, which helped finance a research facility at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Anne also was involved in building playgrounds in many areas of Los Angeles, alongside her husband Kirk Douglas. And she also founded “Harry’s Haven” that was an Alzheimer’s disease unit at the Motion Picture and Television Fund Home in Woodland Hills.

Anne Buydens is truly an amazing person that is still doing great work in her elderly years.

Personal Life of Anne Buydens

Buydens met Kirk Douglas when he was filming ‘Lust for Life‘ in Paris, a film where he portrayed Vincent Van Gogh. The two of them had a very interesting platonic relationship, which eventually became romantic. The two of them married on May 29, 1954. Just a year after their marriage Anne gave birth to their first son, Peter Vincent Douglas, on November 23, 1955. An interesting fact is that the middle name of their first son is a reference to the movie Kirk was filming when he met Anne. A couple of years later, on June 21, 1958, they’ve had their second son, Eric Anthony Douglas. Unfortunately, their second son tragically died, due to an overdose in 2004. Anne converted to Judaism, and she became an American citizen in 1959.

Anne and Kirk stayed together for the rest of Kirk’s life, and they were married for more than 60 years.

The Net Worth of Anne Buydens

This almost 101-years-old film producer has done an incredible amount of work in her life and had some astonishing accomplishments. The majority of her net worth comes from being a film producer. Her individual earnings are unknown to the public, but considering that her husband Kirk Douglas recently passed away, she was left with his net worth that is estimated to be around $60 million. The net worth of her husband should be split between her and her sons, but her overall income and net worth are certainly higher than that.