Anime Dating Sims: Top 10 Things To Expect

All of us love watching anime. Playing anime dating sims games is no different. It is a lot more interactive and lets your imagination run wild. It is a great way to boost creativity and relax after a long day at school or work. If you are thinking about playing free dating sims, here are 10 things you should expect while playing the games.

Three things to expect from anime dating sims

1. It is going to be dramatic

All types of anime including TV series, comic, and dating sims games are all very dramatic. These things aren’t going to happen with us in real life, so if we can experience through characters, we are ready to take all the drama. They have some of the most random stories. For example, in one dating sims game, you fall in love with a pigeon. In the other, you fall in love with half man, half horse. It doesn’t get more interesting than this.

2. Characters are full of faults

The characters in all anime dating sims games you play are going to be full of faults, just like us. They aren’t perfect at all times and make mistakes just as much as we do. Also, they aren’t immune to death, so if you choose a path that leads to your character dying, that’s what is going to happen.

3. The stories are so relatable

Despite all the drama and attractive characters, the stories remain relatable. Game designers and story writers make sure to keep the story retable. It will help you to take make better decisions, help overcome loss, and learn the importance of romantic relationships and what you should do to maintain a healthy one.

Two addictive things about anime sims

4. It teaches you about the Japanese culture

Anime dating sims apps are themed around Japan and its culture, so it is a good way for you to learn about its people, festival, holidays, popular festivities, and myths. It is wonderful how the game development team creatively incorporated the importance of Japanese culture into the dating sims.

5. You can play for hours

Anime dating sims games can get really addictive and before you know you would have already spent hours playing it. But that’s nothing to be sad about. Just get all your work done, so you can play without any guilt.

Anime dating apps are all about the storyline

6. Stories are super interesting

All anime dating apps have strong female characters that make for a super interesting story. You will be hooked in just 10 minutes. There will be a lot of action sequences, which are designed spectacularly for your muse.

7. Storyline is sometimes rebellious

If you have been a rebellious teen, you will relate to the storyline. Most of the games start with the main character finding it difficult to adjust with new changes in their lives, making them rebellious. You have to make choices for the character and change their lives accordingly. You can play out your wildest fantasies without feeling embarrassed.

8. It teaches you about relationships

Relationship advice is all that anime dating sims apps are all about. While you are busy take impossible decisions, you learn so much about relationships. You can implement them in your life relationship and treat your partner correctly. Even if you aren’t in a relationship, you can always use the things you learn and advise later when you are in one.

Two more things to expect from anime dating sims

9. It lets you play with your fantasies

All of us have so many fantasies but some of them are so unreasonable or embarrassing that we can’t act it out in real life. There are games like Puzzle of Love and Passion Puzzle by Bad Boy Apps where you get to court four women from different professions. You can customize the girl to match her with the women of your dreams and play out your fantasies with her. There are multiple endings you can choose from depending on the decisions you make for the male character.

10. You learn a new language

Anime dating sims apps are available in English nowadays but you can change it to Japanese and learn the language. You will be turning your play time into learning time. The language is difficult at first but you will get a hang of it once you start playing.


Now that you know 10 things to expect while playing anime dating sims games, when are you downloading your first app?


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