An experience of a standing desk to chair lovers

On the subway, I sit the whole day and follow my job as a part-time one. However, this sitting makes me feel completely bored. After that, when on the train, I search for the small place where I would put my bag and sit a bit.

Now, you can imagine well that when I heard about standing desk a few years back, it didn’t even create an impact on my mind by an inch. How can I think of standing and doing my work? The idea can be good for the person who runs 30 miles every week.

Despite unwillingness in my mind, I felt an urge to read those articles, mostly with intent to make fun out of it. A few years after that when at our office, this mode was demonstrated, everyone felt something positive in the new experience. I am sharing the experience of what we felt when we practically tried it.


The experience in short –

  •         Best for certain tasks

Especially in the cases of the short task and also in case of some critical tasks, we felt that our mind wished to stand up and deliver more output when doing the task. Standing desk seemed to be a boon to us, during that time. We experienced something, which we never did earlier. Our output was sincerely maximized that surprised even us.

  •         No Pain – No strain

Those tiredness, back-pains and related ails, crunchy shoulders all seemed to be some distant issues, while we tested the standing desks. Soon we felt the need for these standing desks as we sincerely started to believe that these are the exact medicine for the syndrome of our lazy bones.

  •         Energy flow – Unbelievable

It was a really stunning experience for us to find that our energy flow was steady for hours. While we felt lethargic during the noontime, in these hours of experience, we felt no drop in energy level in the entire 2-3 hours. Really that gave us an astonishing effect, which we never ever thought about.


Making a short minute out of the entire overviews of our colleagues, it was an applauding experience altogether for most of us. Although some were there who loved to sit back to the upcoming changes, yet most of us reviewed it with a five star.

It is fact that a change in the environment often acts as a motivational force at work. Basically, our eyes make our brain feel bored with the same sitting arrangements, seen day after another. Might be that for these changes, our senses did deliver a fully positive response to the standing desk and we soon replaced the round tables and chairs. A standing desk is a simple shape of a gaming desk that has less capacity but more easy to handle.

However, the ultimate factor that we realized is about the employees and their psychology. Where employees are happy enough, the output is sure to go up. The model we tested to make things happen like that proved to be a bit expensive, but it acted to be useful. So, we hoped for a better model, which would serve the purpose but will also be friendly to the pocket.