An Afternoon with Rudy Bundini


It’s hard to be steeped in the world of male modeling and not know the name of Rudy Bundini. Born May 28, 1987, Rudy is a top male model in the world with over 622,000 Instagram followers that flock to photos of his sculpted physique on a daily basis. Holding the title for being the best “Male Model of the Year” two years in a row and having modeled for brands from Nike to Versace, we wanted to sit down with this rising modeling talent and learn more about what makes him… him.

Rudy, what does modeling mean to you? Did you always know you wanted to model?

To me, modeling is not only my job but also a way of expressing my feelings and emotions through images. It’s more than just flaunting a body or a face on camera; it’s about creating art through movement, imagery, light, and colors.

I can’t say I always knew I would model. But when the idea popped into my head as I turned 18-years-old, I began to obsess over the idea of male modeling and what it could mean for my future. I’m so glad I decided to go down that route all those years ago.

And what about yourself sans the modeling… how would you describe yourself to a stranger?

My favorite way to sum up my dreams, ambitions, and personality is that I’m “easy to love, hard to break, and impossible to forget.” I like to make a lasting impression. You only live once, and to me, that means I want to live with intention and impact.


Do you ever get behind the camera as well?

Yes, I love taking photos just as much as I love modeling. My photography is my silent poetry; it communicates what resonates in my soul on a deeper level than words can convey. It’s a way for me to express myself without having to say it out loud.

What are some of the top brands you have modeled for?

I would say some of the coolest brand collaborations have been for Nike, Versace, Philipp Plein, Delta, Hennessy, Vogue, Vogue Italia, Hunk-O-Mania and Roger Dubuis. It’s very humbling to stand before a camera for these worldwide household brands. I love to collaborate with smaller brands as well. For me, it’s more about the style and the purpose as opposed to the grandiose reputation of the brand.

Did you go to school for artistry?

Funny enough, I hold a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. I was also a boxing athlete and an Olympic swimmer for some time. I have many interests and passions, certainly including science, engineering, athleticism, and competition.

Do you ever want to explore other artistic professions, like singing or acting?

I did make an appearance in the Fast and Furious 7 movie, directed in New York City. I am always open to any kind of new artistic endeavor that would enable me to expand my love of art, painting, poetry, photography, and modeling. You never know!

Thanks so much for letting us into the world of Rudy Bundini. We can’t wait to see all that you are going to do – in the meantime, we’ll be following you on Instagram @rudybundini!

Thank you!

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