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Alpine Resorts That Students Can Afford

Ski resorts are usually overpriced and unaffordable to students. However, there are many alpine resorts that are student-friendly and offer affordable prices. As a student, you may wish to enjoy your personal time at a ski resort or you may be forced to visit one for educational purposes.  Either way, you must find an affordable resort that offers the best services. Some resorts offer discounts for students, while others give easy packages. If you wish to visit an alpine resort that is student friendly, we have some of the best ski resorts for you.

Les Deux Alpes, France

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This is one of the most popular destinations for students seeking resorts with low snowboarding costs. You can enjoy private skiing at this facility that sits at an altitude of 3,570 meters. There are several 4 and 5-star hotels within the location that are affordable too. This ski facility offers off-piste skiing with lift and is ideal for beginners.

The cost of snowboarding can be broken down into:

  • ski hire $ 100,
  • Food and drinks $110,
  • lift pass, $110 and
  • private ski lessons $50.

If you plan to bring your own food or do not need lessons, you can enjoy your ski weekend with less than  $ 500.

Monterosa Ski, Italy

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This is another great destination for cheap ski holidays. If you are looking for a destination where you will have fun and learn, the Monterosa Ski will be perfect. It is located in a larger Three Valley ski area. This destination is good for students who wish to learn some alpine geographic formations, Italian history, or religion. Most students find this destination a good place to have fun. If you realize that you may be having too much fun to complete your assignments, you can check out custom writing to get your job done without a problem and continue having fun.  

The snowboarding costs for this ski can be distributed into Ski hire $90,  Private ski lesson, $70, Lift pass $150, food and drink $ 80. On a good weekend, you can enjoy your skiing holiday at just $600.

Mayrhofen, Austria

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Austria is home to most of the hidden Alpine ski resorts. If you want a place where you will enjoy the alpine beauty while snowboarding, the Mayrhofen is the place. This destination is loved by young people, especially students, due to the low prices. However, there are no pistes to the village from the high slopes.

If you visit this destination, it is advisable to book a shared residence such as those offered on Airbnb to get a cheaper option. You can still book a hotel for the weekend at less than $500 but with shared residence, it is much cheaper. You will enjoy the lift experience since it covers a wide area over the valley. You can wind up at Lanersbach, one of the best silent destinations with bars and fantastic nightlife.

The Cost Of Snowboarding

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The lift pass here tends to be a bit expensive, starting at $190 but prices may change. You will have to part with $120 for food and drinks, $ 90 for ski hire, and $70 for private ski lessons. You can always cut the cost by avoiding private lessons or carrying your own food.

Söll, Austria

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Soll is probably the most affordable option on this list. This ski destination offers an adventurers area with the most interesting slopes, budget snowboarding with options for one-day skiing.  Located on the high point of Hohe Salve, it is a good location for intermediate cruising. The resort is good when the snow is high, which allows for long runs all the way to the valley. Although the area gets high during winter, getting long runs is hard since the altitude is relatively low. The area is considerably wide and skiers have to use buses to access different locations. Do not worry about the cost of travel since the buses are affordable. Parents and students get to share a lift pass, which is very good for students operating on a tight budget.

The Cost of skiing at this resort is very affordable owing to the fact that the lift pass is shareable. The lift pass will cost you $ 180 but the ost can be shared. You can also hire private ski lessons at $ 100 and hire a ski at $80. Food and drinks here are relatively cheap compared to other tourist destinations. You can enjoy a whole day of meals at just $100.

Outdoor Activities To Enjoy

When you plan a snowboarding holiday, you mainly intend to ski. However, there are plenty of other activities you can enjoy including ski lifts, fat bike rides, ATV rides, sleigh rides, dog sledding among others. Do some research to know what the ski resort offers before you visit.

How Much Does It Cost To Snowboard

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As you can see, the cost of snowboarding varies from one destination to another. There are many ski resorts that offer cheap options in the alpine regions. You need to decide which factors matter the most.  If you care more about food than you care about ski lifting, you will have to invest more in food. However, the best option for students on a budget is to cater for snowboarding costs and look for an alternative way to get accommodation and food within the local area.  You should reside at a far distance from the ski resort since foods and hotels close to the resort are very expensive.


Cost is an important factor to consider when choosing a holiday destination. There are many places you can find information about budget travel destinations for students. Look for a destination that fits within your pocket and offers what you love to enjoy.