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All you need to know about industrial waste heat recovery systems

About industrial waste heat

Industrial waste heat that is generated in different industrial processes and is not being reused, is lost and dumped into the environment. Today, there are numerous waste heat recovery technologies that help us reduce the energy we’re consuming which is cost-effective for companies, and is really beneficial for the environment.
Numerous industries today have to reduce their energy consumption as they are facing stricter government regulations and they wish to reduce their energy costs and their impact on the environment.
The sources of waste heat are various: boilers, heaters, engines, radiation, AC, steam from different sources, exhaust air from ovens, and similar. Some of the main waste heat producers are bakeries, coffee roasteries, breweries, automotive industry, paper mills, heat treatment plants…

Industrial waste heat recovery

The recovery systems basically work by capturing the heat, the hot gas that is leaving different industrial equipment such as oxidizers, turbines, and gasifiers, and using the energy for some other industrial processes. also points out that the waste heat that can’t be used internally can be transferred to a third party. The point is to reuse the heat that would otherwise be lost in any way possible.

The benefits of using recovery systems are numerous. It is beneficial both for the environment and the industries. The main reasons why heat recovery systems are so important are:

Increased efficiency

If we have a source of energy, why not use it? What is the point of letting it go to waste? Today, we’re all about efficiency. We’re trying to be as efficient as possible in our everyday lives, so why not take that attitude to the industries as well.

Reducing the operating costs

By reusing the heat that is inevitably produced and by reintroducing it into their system as a source of energy, a company can save a lot of money. Here we’re talking about thousands of dollars each year. Companies are always in search of ways to decrease their expenses and increase profitability.

Conserving the resources

Helping our planet in any way that we can is extremely important and by implementing the heat recovery systems, industries can help a lot. The emission of gasses will be significantly reduced as will the impact we have on the environment.

Up to 90 percent of the heat can be recovered, but the efficiency of a heat recovery system depends on a lot of factors such as the tightness of the dwelling or the design of the heat exchanger.

The increase in energy prices and new environmental standards for companies are raising the demand for these recovery systems. There are numerous different solutions today on the market and the demand keeps rising. Industries are strongly affected by the constant change in energy prices which act as a really good incentive for companies to implement the recovery systems in their production. These systems can be used for almost all types of fuel such as oil, gas, or different kinds of liquids. One of the most used heat recovery solutions is the flue gas heat recovery system.