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Everything You Need To Know About the New Proton Iriz

Cars have been a major source of transportation from one place to another for a very long time, the first car as we know it was built by Karl Benz, known as the inventor of the car and the founding member of Mercedes Benz. Back then the cars were expensive and were considered to be vehicles only for the rich and wealthy. But ford created the model T which revolutionized the motor vehicle industry and we got cars for the everyday person. Now cars were able to be bought by normal people and hence came into existence all the cars we know and love today. In recent years car have been getting quite good at providing safety, comfort, reliability, and many other things that we look for in a car today and if we compare today’s cars to the ones we were getting 50 years ago, cars today are so much better that we can’t even put it on the same page.
Today I was looking at some cars and it got me wondering about the new cars that are coming to the market, and what I found was many people are getting smaller and fuel-efficient cars as compared to the gas guzzlers people were driving almost 25 years ago and companies have also started to produce cars that are more fuel-efficient than their older versions. In all of these thoughts, I came onto applications like wapcar, where I found the perfect car that people should start using and try to save the world in the process.
The car I found is the Proton Iriz, it is a small and beautiful looking hatchback that people should be driving if they still want to drive gas-powered vehicles. It comes in 5 variants and the specs vary for each one of them. Today we will be discussing their most premium version and what the car entails.

Engine Specs

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The car comes with two engine options. The first one is a 1.3L engine that produces around 100 horsepower. The other engine option is the 1.6L engine that produces around 110 horsepower from a 4 cylinder DOHC engine. The displacement of the two engines is 1332 and 1597 cc respectively and these engines can produce around 120 to 150 Nm of torque. The mileage of the car has not been provided by the company but judging by the engine and the weight of the entire car, I can safely assume the car’s mileage will be around 18L and since the car has a 40L tank, the car will be able to travel around 720 km to a full tank.

Transmission Specs

To reduce confusion the car comes with a standard continuously variable transmission. This type of transmission has been used in many cars before and has proved to be a reliable transmission that a company can use in its cars. The transmission is designed for excellent riding comfort and it keeps working for a long time without causing any troubles.

Chassis Specs

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The car comes with electric power steering and it has a turning radius of around 5 meters which is quite large if we consider the size of the car. The suspension work of the car is being handled by MacPherson Strut with Stabilizer Bar at the front and a Torsion Beam Axle handles all the rear suspensions. The car comes with a choice of a 14-inch and 15-inch wheels that vary depending upon the model you chose. The breaking of the car is handled by disc breaks in the front and drum breaks in the rear.

Exterior Specs

Not only the exterior of the car looks good, but the exterior of the car has a lot of features that you should know and use. The first one being the daytime running lights, auto headlamps, follow me headlamps, automatic door mirrors with auto-closing function, remote trunk release, rear spoiler, and shark fin antenna. These are just the basic exterior features that are available in the car, there are more features that I guess almost every car has today.

Interior Specs

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As the car looks good the interior of the car is quite good as well. You can get leather seats and steering, steering switches for the infotainment system and the phone, adjustable steering, touch screen display, push-button start, smart entry key, the eco drive assist, anti-trap windows, and many other interior accessories that help you feel the most comfortable when you drive in the car. The car also features a total of 4 sensors throughout the car that help you get a better sense of the car and it also helps with the safety of the car. The car also features an infotainment system that is going to make you feel a lot comfortable and relaxed knowing that you are safe and secure. In short, the car has all the creature comforts that you look for in a new car these days.

Safety and Security

The car features all the latest security and safety features such as the front, side, and curtain SRS Airbags. The car also features safety features such as Rear Seat ISOFIX & Top Tether Anchorage, Abs with Electronic Brake Distribution and Brake Assist, stability control, traction control, hill assist, rear camera and many other safety features that your standard car should have. Rest assured that when you will be driving this vehicle and you take into account all the rules and regulations that are mandatory on the road you will be perfectly safe and secure.

Looks and Color

When you look at the car for the first time you can see the car being so beautiful with the graphics and accessories that are present in the car. 5 colors are available in the car regardless of what package you choose, the colors are snow-white, jet grey, armor silver, ocean blue, and ruby red.