Ali King’s Astrological Energy Created The Music Fashionista

There are many new young musicians and entrepreneurs, but not all of them have the creativity and the will to make it in the entertainment business no matter what. Ali King is one of the people who are determined to focus all of her energy to become one of the best-known names in the music business.

Here we are going to talk more about her astrological energy and how she created the music fashionista brand all on her own. The story behind her is really inspiring, so continue reading to learn more about her success and what led Ali to it.

Who is Ali King?


This aspiring singer, actress, model, and beauty blogger has become really popular in the last few years, but people around her say that she is much more than the labels people put on her.

Passionately charming, interesting, and quirky, Ali King is an amazingly atypical person who lives outside the box. People use many different adjectives to describe this self-professed Fashionista of music and style, but boring is never one of them.

On Instagram and Tic Tok she can be found under @MusicFashioniista the fashion blogger and music artist that created her own unique niche by just being herself. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always like this and it took a lot of soul searching for Ali to realize she was all she ever needed.

Many people fantasize about having a career in the music industry, but more often than not the corporate side of the business smothers the creativity that makes an artist special. For a long time (almost 20 years) the music industry was losing millions of dollars due to piracy and as a result, individuality was not celebrated it was shunned and avoided. For creatively expressive individuals such as Ali King, the corporate music business began to feel hopelessly depressing.

The reason why she’s called MusicFashioniista by her friends, and now people from all over the world is her love for these two things. Ali is said to be a person who lives and dreams fashion, and that her music inspired people on every continent.



Music industry experts insisted that Ali needed to follow a more traditional industry template if she wanted to be successful. This oppressive “industry template” broke her spirit, shattered her dreams, and left her defeated. Dark days filled with self-doubt, sorrow, and fear of failure we’re laying ahead. In regards to those dark days, Ali had this to say:

“I was at my lowest point, down in the deepest, darkest depths of an intergalactic rabbit hole when I met Sparky Flinstone who took me by the hand and led me further into the darkness. Who is Sparky Flinstone and what he means to me is not the point. The point is when I went deeper into the darkness was when I realized that only in the darkness can you see the stars.”

As she found herself developing a strong magnetic attraction to the moon she soon discovered that the answers she needed were directly connected to her astrological nature. An Aquarius, she is akin to a female superhero, a magnificent wonder woman with esoteric powers. It was during her darkest and most intense moments when she connected with her Aquarian mythology and the Music Fashionista was born.

Social Media

Ali King has a 2020 vision and wants you to prepare to feel the impact of @MusicFashioniista on all music streaming, Live-TV streaming, and social media platforms.

If you are interested in knowing more about Ali, her private and professional life, you can follow her on some of her networks. All of these platforms are public, so you can access the information even without hitting that follow button, but if you want to see exclusive content available only for her fans and followers, then you should definitely become a part of her fan club.

Things you didn’t know

One of the most interesting things about King is that her godfather is Frank Sinatra and that she decided to follow his steps and make a name for herself. She was exposed to his music and other big names since the earliest of ages, so it is said that her fame was written in the stars.

Her fame started when she was just 17 years old when she released her first song. Right away she was accepted by people from all over the world and “Losing my Mind” charted on the 12th place on the world’s Billboard charts.

As you probably already know, it is hard for young and aspiring musicians to make a living just out of the music they are creating. Nowadays we all rely on streaming services and we don’t always pay for the music we want to listen to. Because of that, Alexandra had to find other ways to make her living. She gave modeling and acting.

Even though her acting career didn’t bring the fame she aspired to have, King, started getting noticed by big brands that wanted her face to be the one on their billboards. Now she can be seen in many big brand commercials, including Twix, Chipotle, and 7Up.

Even though this young musician took a little break from her singing career, fans all over the world cannot wait to hear her first album named Ali King MusicFashioniista. It is said that the biggest reason why she managed to stay clear in her goals is the astrological energy she carries with her. People who know her say that she is one of the brightest people and that she always finds a way to keep going, even when the world seems to be in her way.

One thing we can learn from Alexandra is that you won’t always have the easiest path, but you have to know what you are working towards. Envision your goals, and if something seems like it is too hard to achieve, take a break, consider other options, but don’t forget why you started. Always follow your dreams and stars will align to show you the right way.

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