Advanced AR-15 Upgrades: Taking Your Shooting Experience To The Next Level

AR-15 rifle has found its place in the hearts of gun throttling enthusiasts and fans due to its flexibility, and presently, it is also a favorite among shooters taking part in gun sports. In America alone, around twenty million AR-15 rifle models are in the hands of gun enthusiasts and owners, who are extremely happy with this model. This version of the gun is the most favorite rifle in America.

In the AR-15 family of guns, the upper and lower receivers in the rifle are actually parts of the two halves of receivers. In a typical two-piece firearm type, the ar upper receiver consists of one bolt and a barrel, whereas the lower receiver consists of only a firing mechanism tool that holds the magazine for the gun, too.

Brief History Of The AR-15 Rifles


In the middle of the 1950s, these AR-15 guns were designed by a company called ArmaLite, a small firearms manufacturer located in California. “AR” is known as “ArmaLite Rifle,” and it is not an “Assault Rifle,” as most assume.

The first lot of AR-15s had an option called “select fire,” which helped the shooters fire the gun repeatedly in the semi-automatic mode. When the option mode is fully automatic, the gun fires continuously until the shooter releases the firing trigger. Another mode, burst, also dispatches three bullets whenever a trigger gets pulled.

The American army needed a big ammunition capacity for lightweight rifles, and the AR-15 rifle was manufactured for them. However, the military was not interested in buying those rifles, which prompted the ArmaLite gun company to sell the designs of the AR-15 rifle to the Colt company. The Colt company is always considered America’s vintage and a famous gun manufacturer among enthusiasts.

In 1963, the gun manufacturing company Colt, after taking feedback from the military, started making changes to the already existing design of the AR-15 rifles. Then, the company successfully marketed this rifle design to the U.S. Army under a new name known as M16. Later, the company designed an AR-15 rifle with semiautomatic capability and started selling the same to civilians after getting the government’s approval.

AR-15 Style Rifles


The patent right for the AR-15 rifle expired in 1977, and Colt could not renew it. This led other gun manufacturers to produce versions with the same basic design. Colt trademarked the term “AR-15,” but the company marketed these guns under the name “Colt AR-15.” Therefore, all other semi-automatic rifles manufactured by other gun-producing companies were known as “AR-15-style” or “AR-style” guns.

At present, there are hundreds of gun manufacturers making AR-style firearms. Therefore, the AR-15 gun should never be categorized as an exclusive variety of rifle. It should be considered a weapon platform that can also be easily upgraded and customized per customer specifications.

Therefore, the AR-15 is not like a car model. It should be regarded as a class. In layperson’s terms, it is not a Ford Endeavour but a full-sized SUV. Different gun makers can manufacture it in various measurements and customized structures.

AR-15 Upgrades

Whether the person firing the gun is a beginner or a shooter in specific seasons, there is room for improving the AR-15 with the required customization. Upgrading different parts on the AR-15 rifles helps to increase the functional design and performance, which will increase the shooting experience when the weapon is fired. A few of the upgrades that will take the AR-15 rifles to the next level are,

Quality Of Optics

The precision of shooting lies in the quality of optics. It is considered the heart of a firearm, as the shooter will feel a sizable impression on the shooting experience when optics get upgraded.

The rifle’s optical parts always leave an everlasting impact on the shooter’s gun-trotting experience. Upgrading to a high-quality optic will elevate the shooting game to the next level.

For firing at close ranges and hitting the target quickly, buying a dotted red sight or a holographic sight that is reliable in all weathers is advisable. But to hit the bull’s eye while shooting the target, then a rifle with a magnified scope that can be adjusted is a perfect friend.

AR-15 Handguards


Installing a free-float handguard on AR-15s will unleash its total capacity. The traditional handguards come in contact with the gun’s barrel, but a free-float handguard ensures that the barrel is isolated, which minimizes the involvement of balanced distraction during shooting.

Apart from being comfortable, it helps in improving the accuracy while firing. Extra accessories like lasers, lights, bipods, and others can easily be mounted onto this platform.

Upgrading The  Trigger

For getting perfect control over the handheld AR-15 rifle, it is always good to consider an upgraded trigger. The trigger stock functions decently but has a limiting factor to achieve out-of-the-ordinary accuracy. It is advisable to replace the existing trigger with an upgraded trigger that will significantly improve the shooter’s firing performance.

Gas Block

Calibrating the AR-15 gas system with an adaptable gas block upgrades the firearm to the next level. This particular upgrade is a game changer, as it helps the gas diverted to the BCG(Bolt Carrier Group) after firing the weapon is regulated. The shooter can easily adjust the gun’s recoil and muzzle shaking per required preferences that are more suited to individual shooting styles.

This upgrade in the gun ensures the wear and tear of internal parts are reduced, and apart from that, it provides faster follow-up firing and a smooth shooting experience.

Upgrading BCG

By upgrading Bolt Carrier Group (BCG), the gun gives better reliable shooting performance. The BCG handles the recoil after firing the weapon and manages ammunition ejection.

Upgrading the BCG offers the gun handler easier cleaning and smoother cycling and improves wear & tear resistance.

Winding Up


The above upgrades are just a tiny list of customizable options available to the owner of an AR-15 rifle. People purchase a gun as it gives them a sense of safety and brings peace of mind, especially when living in a secluded place. After buying a weapon, it is essential to practice with it whenever time is available.

The AR-15-style rifles are semi-automatic weapons that ordinary civilians can buy in America. The manufacturers manufacturing AR-15s and supporters of these rifles say that these guns are mainly used for target practice, game hunting, and also at rifle shooting competitions. Due to the semiautomatic nature of AR-15 rifles, a shooter shooting the weapon must pull the gun trigger for each shot from a magazine that holds only thirty rounds of bullets.

The potential of a shooter can easily be unlocked by getting help from professionals. It will help get proper training for firing guns and also will know which upgrades are needed on the rifle to make the shooting experience enjoyable.

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