Add Space and Aesthetics to Your Home with Glass Wall Shelves

Peace of mind is what everyone one of us is trying to attain each day. We get a new job because the previous one was either not paying well or was too stressful, so there was no peace. Or move into a new house to find peace from our noisy neighbors. Whatever the case may be for you, to find peace of mind, you need to clear through some of your negative thoughts and learn to be calm and relaxed.

Nothing relaxes us more than when we are at home. Not just any home, but a home that agrees with your core. Now, that is getting too deep. I know. All I am trying to say is, you can only find lasting peace when you put your home together. By putting together, I mean with the right aesthetics and space to put your mind at ease after a busy day at work.

It is not a pretty sight coming home after a bad day at work to hit your leg on the shoe box lying just around the corner. Or accidentally shattering the birthday orb your dad gave you on your eighteenth birthday. Although you do not have control over everything that happens around you, having your home is your responsibility. At least that’s the least you can do to make the time you spend at home worthwhile.

Add Luxurious Look with Glass Shelves

There is something outrightly luxurious about glass ledge. From the polishing to the tasteful introduction into your home or office, the effect is nothing short of beauty. You may not realize it, but your home will be extremely messy and scattered without wall shelves. And when shelves made of melted and polished glass adorn your walls, even a jaded observer will step back a pace to quickly appreciate the inherent aesthetic value and its ability to dominate space.

Even more astounding is the fact that glass allows light to shine through from above and below. Why is this a big deal? Spot lightening placed under the wall shelves can create a remarkable lighting effect transforming the room at night. However, there is a limit to what glass shelves can carry and may not be practical for all your storage needs. Nonetheless, they are a worthy alternative to dull and unappealing shelving units.

Displaying flower vases and antiques on wall glass also gives them a certain kind of appeal and significance. While giving you peace of mind, it offers visitors the impression of high value. Available in different sizes and shapes, glass shelves can completely transform your space in a different way unimaginable.

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Ways to Transform Your Space by Using Glass Wall Shelves:

So you just moved into a new place, or you’re looking to renovate your current place. And you’ve spent countless hours going through various home décor designs and decorations. Even for those with a good taste in style, making up your mind out of the numerous designs can be a daunting task.

You know you want wall ledge, but you have yet to decide what or how you want to use them to transform your home. Chances are, you’ve read different magazines and gone through various glass shelving options, but you get confused even more. Below are some of the ways you can use your shelves to transform your space.

Glass Wall Shelves for Plants

The way you decorate your home is a pointer to your personality. And nothing shouts ‘quality’ like adorning your walls with plants placed on wall ledge. It is better if single or small glass shelves are placed in corners around your room or on adjacent sides of your multimedia set in the sitting room. Make sure you opt for plants that can thrive in shades. And you will enjoy all the sereneness, and greenery plants have to offer. Plus, the extra dose of oxygen will leave you refreshed whenever you’re home.

Glass Bookshelves

Are you an avid reader like me? Your glass wall shelf will help you remove your books from the bedside table or shelf where they are occupying space. No matter how you look at it, books never really look pretty sitting on your floor. On glass wall shelves, your books are transformed. They look way better sitting on your well-polished and tempered glass wall shelf than they would in a cupboard on the floor in your sitting or bedroom. For better results, mount your shelf in the sitting room just above the television or adjacent to the door where they are visible to anyone visiting. Doing so gives a strong aesthetic appeal and helps make your space look serene. Making you look like someone in control.

Corners Glass Shelves

Corners are another perfect spot for placing wall glass shelves. Often, our wall corners are left empty and naked, just accumulating dust and cobwebs. It shouldn’t be so anymore. Using corner shelves is a brilliant way to maximize and transform your space. By placing picture frames on corner ledge, you can preserve memories that will bring a smile to your face every time.

Glass Television Tables

Nothing beats style like replacing your television and multimedia tables. Prevalent use of wall glass shelves in recent times is in television stands using black glass to match your LED and plasma screens. Much better than having a 2000 years old bulky table that is occupying more space than you would want it to. Another great idea is combining wall ledge with other materials like wood to give a striking look and feel. Besides, having a TV on a beautiful wall glass shelf makes watching television a whole new experience for you and your family.

Glass Shelves for Your Bathrooms

Glass wall shelves are a beauty to behold in the bathroom. Aside from the fact that glass is waterproof and easy to clean, you get to remove clutter from your bathroom. Instead of using closed cupboards and drawers that will end up taking up space, consider using wall shelves. You should place your everyday essentials like toothbrushes and pills on small glass ledge to save up more space.

Kitchen Glass Shelves

Wall glass shelves are not meant for only your rooms and bathrooms. They are a brilliant addition to your kitchen too. A great way to spice up your kitchen counter instead of having jars and ceramics lined up on your kitchen counter. Your spices and utensils also will look good sitting on your shelf while adding beauty and convenience. Consider using glass shelf brackets along with your wall glass ledge to keep things from sliding or crashing to the floor. There are no rules here, tweak till you get what pleases you.

Dock Your Valuables

Kids are inquisitive. On my return home from the office one day, I met my three-year-old jumping on my laptop. He thought it was a weighing scale. Funny right? If you have kids in your house, then you better anchor your valuables up above their reach. Valuables include your cellphones and other office equipment or something that could cause your kids harm. Put them all up there.

Wall ledge are also child-proof as children cannot reach them effortlessly. Even in kid’s rooms, shelves are fantastic for storing their toys. You must take note, however, to make the edges of wall ledge for your kiddie’s room rounded to be able to store more and reduce injuries.

Maintaining Your Wall Glass Shelves

It doesn’t take talent or wit to be able to maintain your wall glass shelf. Besides being durable, glass shelves are very easy to maintain. All you have to do is wipe away dust with a soft cloth and cleaner to keep them sparkly clean. Wall ledge lose their beauty and appeal when they are left unattended.

You must take special care when removing your valuables placed on the shelves for cleaning so as not to scratch or break the glass. After all, these shelves are made of glass and not stones.


Furnishing your home or office with modern wall glass ledge has many advantages. You get enough storage space to buy the things you’ve always wanted to purchase, and you transform your room or home with style. All you have to decide on is the room or wall to mount your shelf on, as the units are very easy to install.

Glass ledge can be added to just about any room in the house to give it a new and modern feel and transform the overall appeal of your home.

Regardless, the position of the shelf in the house, the effect is always nothing short of beauty and class. Whether it’s a new home or remodeling of the old one, wall shelves are the first choice for homeowners and apartment dwellers that desire a simple and effective way to de-clutter their home. The attractiveness and the chic elegance that is achieved after installing shelves are enjoyed for a very long time. So when next you think of orderliness, class, and beauty, think of installing wall glass shelves.