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Acne: What It Is And What Is The Reason Behind This Stubborn Thing

Acne, the name itself is scary enough. A lot of people around us are suffering from this acne problem and trying to figure out why this is happening to them. It is an embarrassing and irritating skin condition that is painful at times, and most importantly, it is a stubborn thing that left its mark of people’s face. Acne can occur and affect people of both genders and will give you similar trouble. The reason behind acne can be many, but the most common cause is dehydration – believe it or not! If you don’t drink enough water, and if you don’t drink water properly, then it may lead to the dehydration and it can cause the stubborn acne problem! Water purifier from RO Care India can help you to maintain the necessary balance of water in your body, it will keep you hydrated in a healthy way.  In this article, we will show you some reasons and solutions for fighting this stubborn problem!


You might not know that like water, food can also be the reason why you are suffering from this stubborn thing. You might be an office goer, and you eat fast food or oily food a lot because you have to stay out of your home most of the time. But, the food you are regularly feeding it may affect you severely, acne is one of them. Not only fast food or oily food but eating red meat or dairy products may also lead to acne problems. According to research, if these food items are your main diet, you are possibly the next target. You should switch to healthy food such as vegetables, plant-based food for avoiding this acne problem.

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If you are maintaining a proper diet and drinking a lot of water may protect you from this issue. But drinking water is not the appropriate solution until it is purified. If you drink contaminated water than it may lead to several kinds of health issues in you.

There might be a high chance that you are facing acne problem because of the hormone levels in your body. The hormone level usually increases during some stages, and puberty is one of those.  This could be a reason behind your stubborn acne phase. At the time of youth or whenever your hormone level goes up, your skin produces sebum. The sebaceous glands start to create an oily substance that eventually keeps your skin soft just by lubricating it, and they are numerous in your back, shoulders, chest, and of course, face. When the oil produced by these glands does not leave generally, and the bacteria will multiply in the follicles, which leads to inflammation of your skin, and it causes acne. This stubborn acne mostly gets an infection and form pustules.

Work Environmental

Well, your work environment can also contribute to the acne problem. Most people think they have acne because of some other reasons such as hormonal changes or some other things. But, if you are working in any industrial environment, especially where you are in frequent contact with chemicals such as oils, dust, chlorinated dioxins and pollution, you can face this problem. This is very normal to face acne problem if you are working in this kind of environment. Apart from that, if you are facing a heavy workload in your workplace, you can also face acne then. Heavy workload will lead you to fewer hours of sleep, stress, and many more things, that will eventually invite acne. Your lifestyle should be well maintained to keep these things away.

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Heredity is one of the biggest reasons why you are facing acne. If your family members, especially parents, have that tendency to have acne or they have incredibly oily skin that is acne-prone, you are more likely to have acne. Acne problem does not always happen because of lack of diet or something else; genes are a big issue. Most of the people get oily skin from their parents, and oily skin is acne-prone without any doubt. Excessive oil from your face will invite undesirable bacteria that will cause acne. You might not eat food that contains nutrients which are essential when it is about taking care of your skin. You can not change the genes, but you can maintain a healthy lifestyle so that you do not have to suffer a lot.

There are a lot of products in the market that claims to be the perfect solution for your stubborn acne. But if you are using any of those products and they have a tendency to clog your pores, then you are going to face a lot of acne issues than before. You should include vitamins and necessary nutrients in your diet to get rid of this. Along with that, don’t forget to drink healthy and purest water. You should always keep yourself hydrated!