A Guide to Select the Right Stereo System for your Car

Music is magic that soothes your brain and soul most effectively. On the contrary, music can also cause a distraction while driving and cause an accident. However, the majority of people will not go in a car without a music system. Which music system will be best for my vehicle? Which brand is on the top list in selling stereo systems for my car? Should I buy an expensive stereo or an economical one?

There will be many questions regarding Automobile Remedy in your mind when you decide to buy a music system for your vehicle. Before we take you through the selection process, you need to determine a few things as below:

Begin with making priorities and deciding your requirements:

  • Tim from Automobile Remedy suggests that you first know hat will be your mode of sourcing music? Will it be CDs, mp3 player, AUX, radio, SD cards, or so on.
  • What kind of system do you prefer in your car? An old or traditional on or with some latest technologies?
  • Find out if you need Bluetooth connectivity, video playback, or navigation system?
  • Do you need a mind and ear blowing audio system or just an arrangement with the adequate sound quality?

Once you figure out your requirements, you can go through the following information to start the selection process. The whole concept is to make it easy for a buyer to buy the right stereo system for the car. Therefore, read the information carefully so that you get what you have been looking for lately.

Gather information:

Some high-frequency and bass booster stereos come with high vibrations that might tend to lose the panels of your car. In such a case, the right choice will be to avoid buying the loudest audio system. Your vehicle has a user manual that consists of information related to the audio unit holder. For instance, 1 DIN or 2 DIN systems indicates that a 1 DIN system= 7-inch wide, and 2-inch tall. Then it would help if you read about the panels available for installing the stereo speakers, sound dampening, electrical system, and so on. The manual will also tell you the type of audio system that will be suitable for your car.

Whenever you go to an audio dealer, make sure he understands your requirements and shows you the right thing. Further, by doing a little study beforehand will yield better results.

The amplifier is another essential element that boosts the signal power, giving you a more precise sound even when the volume is high. It eliminates distortion and gives you excellent sound quality. For your information, if you wish to install an amplifier, the head unit of the car must have RCA outputs that will connect with it quickly. RMS power is the continuous power output that it produces. You have a choice to buy a two-channel amplifier or a four-channel amp.

The point that you need to keep in mind is that you should never mount the amplifier directly to metal in the vehicle. Doing so will result in unnecessary noise problem and vibrations that you would avoid. Where should I install my amp? You can always mount it to a wooden subwoofer box or use screws with foam tape if you decide to fit it with a metal surface.

Selecting the brand, according to your budget:

The next best thing to consider will be the budget that you have for purchasing a stereo system. However, if money does not bother you, then you can always go for the following brands that render the best quality:

  • Becker: It is not a famous brand, but it is on the top for selling the best quality stereo system. The speciality of this brand is to provide CD changers.
  • Clarion: The brand is a newcomer in the market but has managed to get a place in the top brand list. Besides all other products, this brand is famous for its digital audio system.
  • JVC: The brand has been renowned amongst people for quite a long time now. It has the best home audio systems and is on the top for selling car stereos. It is a Japanese brand that has maintained its reputation for high-quality equipment’s.
  • Sony: It is indeed the most visible and top-quality brand in electronic products. Everyone appreciates Sony for the best sound quality in headphones, stereo systems, and other products.
  • Pioneer: It has been building a reputation for good sound and excellent engineering. You will get a wide range of CD players, Audio/Video receivers, speakers, in-dash receivers, subwoofers, and amplifiers.
  • Kenwood: The brand has a notion of providing the best sound quality. You will get top-notch services and products from Kenwood. The price might bother you at once, but the quality will not let you regret spending money.
  • JBL: It provides the best car stereo subwoofers that will add life to any budget-oriented car audio system. The audiophiles who wish to improve the sound output will go with JBL subwoofers.
  • Blaupunkt: It is indeed an excellent stereo manufacturer who has been delivering the best services to the buyers.

The brands mentioned above are the best and most famous among people. When you ever think of buying a stereo system for your four-wheeler, you must invest in a brand that provides good quality material and sound. As discussed in the starting, music can be a distraction; you must realize that you need to be safe while driving.

Conclusively, you have all the relevant information to jump right to the brand you wish to buy. Once you select the brand, you can visit the dealers and express your needs. Then, when both the parties are on the same track, you can choose the design and type of car stereo that you want. Also, if you need a personalized stereo system, and budget is not a constraint, you can tell the dealer to build it for you. You can always take help from someone who has an idea about stereo systems to simplify your search process.