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A Brief Guide to Hair Extension Lingo for First-Timers

The hair extensions market is definitely seeing an upward trend. With so many changes taking place all the time, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different terms and phrases. If you are new to this beauty product or you simply want to learn more about your options, here are a few of the essential terms you need to know.

Must-Know Hair Extension Lingo

Wefted Extensions

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These are panels of hair that are sewn together by hand or a machine. When you purchase them, the entire weft is clipped, taped or woven into your natural locks. To do this, the natural hair is first braided, after which the weft is sewn into the braids using a specialized thread and needle. This way, it looks like the extension is part of your own hair. 

Hand-Tied Extensions

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Hand-tied refers to the way in which a weft is made or how it’s attached to the wearer’s head. If it’s referring to the installation technique, it means the weft is attached to your natural locks by hand. As mentioned above, this is done by first braiding the hair and then sewing the weft in. Wefts and weaves are very similar but in general, the entire head needs to be braided to attach a weave. Individual rows of hair are braided to attach a weft. Both of these installation methods are done by hand though. 

Individual Hair Extensions

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This is another option that you might encounter when shopping around on a site such as As the name suggests, individual extensions refer to small bundles or individual strands of hair. Most bundles are made up of about 50 strands, which are held together with an adhesive made of keratin. To attach them, the keratin is melted, which bonds it to your natural hair. Individual strands can also be tape extensions, which can be attached to your natural locks without the need for heat.

Ombré Extensions

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While the above terms refer to a type of extension or the technique used to attach them, in this instance, ombré hair refers to the color. Overall, the term ombré is used to describe a color that blends and transitions from one to another. For example, strands could be dark at the base and much lighter at the ends, creating movement and an eye-catching result. 

Micro beaded Extensions

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This is another popular option. Microbead refers to the technique that is used to attach the extensions to your natural locks. To lengthen your locks using this method, a small ring or bead is crimped onto the natural strand, with the extension being attached to the bead. While the beads can make these strands slightly heavier than their tape counterparts, this method is still less damaging than using keratin bonds. 

Now that you’re more clued up on some of the latest terms, it will be much easier to shop around for the right product and ask for what you want at your salon.