8 Jewelry Trends You Must Own This Summer

The warm and fun summer is knocking at our doors, and so are the new jewelry trends. For 2019, subtlety is not an option, when it comes to trends, and you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace them. So, when you’re getting ready for a night out or a casual stroll around town, let’s see what you can wear for the summer of 2019.

Shells and Beads


There is no better way to embrace summer like with some shells and beads. And that is exactly what designers had in mind when setting the jewelry trends for this summer. Pulka shells, colorful shells, jewelry layered with bold colors and all shapes and sizes of shells are a big hit now, and it’s because it looks gorgeous. Also, the best pair to shells and beads is the bohemian style and a lot of wistfulness. What is more, the tortoise is a huge trend as well, especially in oversized geometric shapes on earrings and necklaces.

Chunky Bracelets


Chunky bracelets are the hallmark of a boho-chic look, and they are perfect for the summer. This especially goes if you don’t like stacking jewelry, and they immediately draw attention to you as you gesture with your hands. You can look for chunky bracelets made of solid pieces of plastic or ones covered in small stones and they are all bound to look beautiful and they will emphasize your delicate wrists.


Even though tassels are out when it comes to clothes, they are all over our jewelry for this summer. It all started with bags, but now they are all over our jewelry. If you want some statement earrings, you should rely on good old tassels earrings to complement your short hair or a magnificent ponytail. Also, tassels found their way onto our bracelets; especially if you like stacking them or pairing them with simpler bracelets, such as beaded ones or a subtle red string bracelet.

Statement Rings

A nice big statement ring can make your hand look smalle, delicate and portray a confident woman who’s a bit cheeky and whimsical. However, a few of the statement rings can multiply this effect and bring the same opulence of stacked jewelry or bracelets. So, if you want to emphasize a whimsical side of yours, find a lot of colorful statement rings and stack them. If you like movies, you can even mimic the Thanos’ gauntlet with those rings and make a homage to the Avengers franchise.

Mismatched Earrings

Lately, mismatched jewelry has become a huge trend, and it has moved up to mismatched earrings. If you have a lot of earrings in your jewelry box, you can really play with this trend. Whether you pick different kids of silver earrings to pair, different sizes or completely different materials, just go for it. Pair hoops with pearl designs or colorful hanging earring with a simple silver one and really negate that symmetry that is a huge trend for this summer.

Single Earring

Wearing a single earring had become a trend a long time ago and it can be frequently seen in fashion. This trend came along the mismatched earrings and it really encourages you to stand out from the crowd, without much effort. When it comes to this, you can go with a simple style, but a single earring trend leaves a lot of room for being bold and extravagant.

Thick Chain Links

The symbolism behind chains is powerful, and in fashion chains always brought a hint of aggression. These are often worn by those who want to express their style of counter-culture, and such attitudes are back this season. However, this summer such jewelry trend is entering in a softer way and is trying to avoid that aggression hint. So, if you wish to wear some links, you can make sure they are in the form of chockers in a gold color that may give you a more minimalist effect.

Floral Jewelry


Summer wouldn’t be complete without some flowers, and that is why jewelry trends of 2019 feature plenty of seasonal florals to match your floral clothes. You can wear some statement shiny flower-shaped ear cuffs, earrings or even some floral bracelets. Also, necklaces with floral pendants are a huge trend or rely on a statement ring that has a big shiny flower on top.

This summer you really have the chance to be extravagant with your jewelry. There are a lot of trends to choose from and you just have to find what works for you the best. Don’t be shy, make a statement and really glow this summer and be noticed.

You can wear a simple gold hoop or a small pearl, but if you want to go bigger, then tassels, feathers, big hoops or even some strange geometrical shapes and everyday objects can do the trick. You can check out Jewelry Jealousy to find inspiration and stunning earring recommendations.

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