8 Biggest Fintech Incubators in the USA


Nowadays the rapid growth and development of the Fintech startups are widely observed. Over a couple of years, this digitized financial services industry replenished the system of incubators and accelerators.

In this article we will:

  • explain the meaning, difference, and role of fintech incubators and accelerators;
  • compare the worldwide fintech programs;
  • list the tips on how to apply for accelerators.

Let’s get started.

What is a Fintech Incubator?

Summarizing numerous explanations, the incubator can be defined as:

  • an organization that supplies a customer with certain opportunities and contributes to their autonomy;
  • location where all newly founded firms are. It equips them with the necessary outfit and aims to make such business
  • prosperous and profitable;
  • administrative and technical services;
  • business planning and consulting of future companies and start-up entrepreneurs;
  • the dynamic process of the entrepreneurship development.

Incubator vs. Accelerator

Fintech Accelerators speed up the development of the company, while incubators produce crucial ideas to build the business.

As we can see accelerators deal with the big enterprises while incubators work with innovations.

Even though both programmes saw the world in Silicon Valley, now they are well-spread around the globe.

How Does an Accelerator Work?

The first difference is the structure of the program. The accelerator has a certain established period during which a group of people works to build a strong business and avoid possible risks.

Both programs are very choosy. Accelerators support the tendency to start with the process of applying. The most popular accelerators pick only 10 companies from the 1000 possible candidates.

As a rule, beginners get small investment and access to the mentorship programs in turn for the little fund. The mentorship consists of the founders of the leading companies, advisers, and experts.

So, accelerators aim to shorten the period of development from two years to a couple of months.

Top Fintech Incubators and Accelerators

We’ve prepared the list of the top Fintech incubators and accelerators in the USA.

Top Fintech Incubators and Accelerators in the USA.


500 Startups

One of the most popular accelerators in the Bay Area. During 4 months you get free access to mentorship, sessions, and meetups where you will cooperate with experts and founders from different countries. 500 Startups invests $150K in turn for the 6% in equity.


Annually this accelerator accepts 300 companies to give them three-month mentorship. Its investments count to $120. TechStars gives access to its network for life.

Y Combinator

This is the winning variant of accelerator who wants to run the company of the web apps. It offers a three-month camp in Silicon Valley where all participants present their projects, listen to mentors and advisers.

Ynext incubator

All participants who dare to develop their fintech products get access to Yodlee Interactive APIs, mentorship, consulting, and another type of support.


This is an accelerator for women-led startups. It supports them with online coaching and programs for women in business. As a participant, you have to be in Colorado for 12 weeks and take part in meetings. Then the program can be completed online.

Make in LA

This is an accelerator program that supports hardware startups. It invites to the four-month session that teaches how to build the winning startup and attract investors. Moreover, Make in LA allows online cooperation with the leaders and mentors around the clock.



It has headquarters in Boston, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland, Texas, and the UK. Masschallenge improves the innovative global system of startups in different branches for zero equity.

Capital Factory

Its competitive advantage is the possibility to work with mentors and investors all life. They become famous thanks to their up to date coworkers, hosting, and free access to materials.

The Bottom Line

So, be brave and try your luck. All that you need is to pick appropriate accelerator, get ready to present your business, work hard, and bring your idea to life. Today you have a wide choice of the programs that are ready to invest in you.

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