7 reasons to prefer digital marketing over TV advertising

It is an irrefutable fact that no business can do well without marketing. Be it a small or giant multinational company; there has to be some budget singled out for marketing. But you have to select the right medium to market your brand correctly.

As the years slip by, the debate between digital marketing and TV advertising has intensified. If you are going through the same dilemma, here are the seven reasons why digital marketing has the upper hand over TV advertisements:

  1. Digital marketing allows you to update ads

One of the biggest pitfalls of the TV advertisements is that you can’t update your ads with the time. Once it is on-air, that’s what people are going to see for a long time until or unless you replace it. For example, let’s say you are promoting a widget. Right after you end up televising an advertisement, you hit upon a significant update which can influence sales. But the arrow has left the arch, and you can’t undo it.

That’s where digital marketing takes precedence over TV commercials. You can always upgrade your ads and keep changing them according to the most recent updates.

  1. You can be selective about your audience

Television is an old medium. It is being used ever since 1939. A period of about 80 years has passed, and that’s why all the age group watching TV. However, it isn’t a guarantee that your product would appeal to every generation. Maybe you want to target only millennials but, by nature, a TV commercial does not draw a line between the people you are targeting. Hence, the ROI is affected.

Digital ads give you a space to customize your audience. We are living in an age dominated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, you can select a specific age group, interests, and geographical locations, and so on according to the nature of your product or brand. That way, you personalize a marketing campaign more efficiently.
  1. Easy to quantify results

Marketing trends keep changing. For instance, what the public liked yesterday, they might not like it today or tomorrow. Therefore, it is the trademark of all the successful companies to not to rely on past glories. They understand that their corporations can only do well if the data can be measured consistently. As an old maxim sums it up very well: “what is measured, can be managed.”

It doesn’t matter even if you are currently at the pinnacle of success; you can’t afford to abandon monitoring data. In simpler terms, it’s a lifelong process. Your marketing direction is heavily influenced by quantifying metrics.

Again, digital ads can help you to track performance way better than TV advertisements. Of course, technology has undoubtedly helped TV commercials to gear up their game, but digital ads beat them with a clear margin in this category. Google Analytics is mainly preferred by marketers to get this job done. However, there is no shortage of suchlike tools.

The digital ads can keep you informed about the variety of data

  1. Covers extensive audience

TV advertisements are mostly limited to geographical locations. It could be a massive barrier for your business because it stops you from being exposed to the global audience.

Let’s consider the example of social media. A study shows that 2.77 billion people are using social media currently. What’s more, the number is all set to touch 3.02 billion by 2021. Now imagine how much you can widen your range by subscribing to the digital ads.

  1. High-level customer engagement

Companies research to the best of their abilities before setting up promotions. However, it is equally essential to know public opinion during marketing campaigns. TV commercials are a one-way street in that sense. Brands convey their message and say all they have to say about their products, but the public can’t engage with them.

On the other hand, digital ads are known for their high-level customer engagement.

You are never unaware of customer opinion. They engage with you and give you first-hand feedback. This critical viewpoint helps to act upon the majority of public opinion, which is a sure way to improve products and services.

  1. It is cost-effective

Even those who propagate in favor of TV advertisements might not be able to afford them. TV ads follow a complex process which makes them such a costly commodity. A TV commercial requires acting, writing, editing, and shooting, while that’s not all, once the ad is ready, you will have to negotiate with channels to televise it. Calculating the costs of this whole process can give nightmares to a small business owner.

Now let’s turn towards digital marketing and take the example of content marketing. The investment in content marketing is low compared to a TV ad. Surely, you can hire agencies, for instance, Designrr Ebook Tool, to write content but you can do it all by yourself as well.

There are several tools available to assist you. Same goes for social media and email marketing. It cannot get any economical than that.

  1. No limitation of time

Out of sight, out of mind. We apply this sentence in relationships, but things are no different in the marketing world. It is a weakness of human nature to forget something they don’t see each other for a long time. TV channels have to give space to multiple brands. So there is a fixed duration, commonly six months, for a single ad.

Nowadays, customers remember you as long as you keep coming on TV. The minute you are away from their eyes, people will place you in the archives of their memory. Digital marketing frees you from this limitation.  


Nobody denies the power of TV ads, but the internet has vastly outsmarted them. There are several authentic studies which claim that future marketing belongs to the digital world. After knowing the reasons mentioned above, one can expect it to happen rather sooner than later.