6 Jobs for People Who Want to Work in the Hospitality Industry

There’s something exciting and energetic about the hospitality space. It’s one of the few industries in which you get to consistently interact with people who are excited about what they’re buying. And if you want to work in this industry, there’s a multitude of career paths you can take.

Try One Of These 6 Jobs

The beauty of being in hospitality is that every job is unique. You can work anywhere, do anything, and live any type of lifestyle you want. By definition, the hospitality industry is alive and well anywhere people are located. Whether it’s a resort on a tiny tropical island or a rooftop bar in the middle of New York City, there are opportunities. Arguably the most challenging aspect is choosing the type of hospitality career you want to pursue. 

At risk of leaving out dozens of other compelling jobs, here’s a small sampling of exciting opportunities that exist in this industry:

  • Hotel Owner

If you have a penchant for leadership and management, like the idea of investing in and owning your own business, and genuinely enjoy serving others, you may be cut out for hotel ownership.

According to, hotel owners tend to make a salary somewhere in the $40,000 to $60,000 range. It is possible, however, to make significantly more than this. It all depends on geography, the type of hotel, and other unique factors.

  • Cruise Ship Entertainer

Do you have a particular skill set that’s conducive to entertaining? Whether you’re a singer, songwriter, musician, or stage performer, there may be room for you on a cruise ship entertainment team.

As a cruise ship entertainer, you’re typically asked to perform at night. You then have the rest of the day off to live and sleep aboard a cruise ship. You’ll even get the occasional opportunity to check out the same destinations and ports as the guests. You won’t get rich being a cruise ship entertainer, but you will get to spend your days doing what you love. 

  • Head Chef

There’s always room for another chef in the hospitality industry. You can find jobs at restaurants, casinos, hotels, and even on cruise ships! Depending on your experience and skill level, you may be tasked with preparing food items or even overseeing the entire kitchen operation.

  • Tour Guide

Very few people can say they genuinely love their job. While plenty of people put up with their job, it’s not something they wake up excited about. As a tour guide, you can be the exception.

“Your job, every day, will be to show first-time travellers their way around a new destination,” tour guide Carly Hulls writes. “As a tour guide, ‘work’ means being a part of someone’s happiest holiday memories. You are actually required to have fun for a living while travelling!”

The most challenging aspect of the job is choosing where you want to be a tour guide! Do you want to give tours centered on a particular tourist attraction, or would you prefer to lead excursions to different cities and countries? There are options for both.

  • Casino Property General Manager

A casino general manager can easily make a six-figure salary. While the climb to this position requires stops in a handful of other positions, it’s certainly attainable. And as gambling rules become laxer in the U.S., look for more casinos to open up across the country.

  • Flight Attendant

Not everyone is cut out to be a flight attendant. Schedules can be hectic, hours long, and passengers demanding. However, there are also plenty of rewards. You get to see new places, meet new people, and participate in the exciting world of travel. It’s pretty awesome!

Is The Hospitality Industry Right for You?

The key with the hospitality industry is to be flexible and open to new opportunities. If, for example, you attempt to be a cruise ship entertainer and discover that you absolutely hate being on a boat for 350 days a year, you can always try something else. You could shift gears and look at becoming a tour guide (which would allow you to spend more time at home). If you don’t mind traveling, but would prefer to see a bunch of new places, flight attendant school could be a good next step. The options are limitless!