5 Tricks to Dodge Back to School Germs

In autumn children look forward to returning to school and back in their routine of classes, and for example football practice, but many parents are not happy about it because children might pick up school germs when they come back in the classroom.

At the beginning of the school year, many children pick up a cold, flu, or a fresh crop of lice. If you want to find out more how to prevent sickness before it happens at your children, check the website and read the useful advice from doctors. In the article below, you can read 5 best tricks on how to avoid back to school germs.

1. Pack Good Nutrition

If you want to have healthy children, safe from the viruses and bacteria, you must prepare healthy food for them for breakfast. The healthy breakfast will have a positive impact on an entire day. It is a well-known fact that children who do not eat breakfast may have a lack of fiber, minerals, and vitamins, iron, zinc, calcium, and B2. If your child eats healthy food and has a strong immune system, it will have much more strength and ability to fight off the school’s infection.

2. Encourage Good Hand Washing

The best and simplest advice for your child to prevent bringing home viruses and bacteria is a good old hand washing. This is the most efficient technique that you have to practice with your children. Teach your children that door handles and hot/cold handles are full of hidden germs and that they can use paper towels as a barrier when they are washing hands. You can also teach your children to properly cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze, and wash their hands before eating.

3. Do Not Share Head Wear

If you do not have to face with lice, you will not share your children’s clothes, especially headwear (hats, combs or helmets). The children with long hair must always tie it back or braided to avoid contact with the hair of other children. The lice treatments are not all safe for young children, so if you suspect that your child has lice, choose wisely a perfect treatment.

4. Sleep Right


The lack of sleep can cause fading of the immune system, and if you are exposed to a virus, you will get sick if you do not sleep enough. Our immune system is released to proteins called cytokines during sleep. While you are sleeping the production of these proteins is decreased, and if you want to improve your children’s sleeping just set up a good sleeping routine.

5. Do Not Spread Germs

On of the best advice ever when your children are sick, do not send them back to school to spread germs in the classroom. You do not want to cause another child to get sick when your child just coughs or sneeze. Do not send your child to school if he or she is experiencing aches, chills, fever, or digestive upset.