5 things you need for a U.S. fiance visa

Love knows no boundaries, even if those boundaries are miles and countries apart. When U.S. citizens find love abroad, they often find it appropriate to offer marriage to their partners. When this happens, their immigrants or partners can get used to U.S. customs, language, and they can work, and they can eventually become full-fledged U.S. citizens.

Those who are lucky to have their visas approved can enjoy the full benefits of being a U.S. citizen, granted they follow every necessary paperwork and stipulation. Before they even reach that point, people should know that there are specific requirements you must have and meet when applying for U.S. Fiance Visa.


Way back in 2016, at the twilight of the Obama administration, 90.5% of petitions were approved in the U.S. This meant that getting an application was easy. After the Trump administration won and assumed office in 2017, those numbers have significantly dropped. From 90.5% approval rate, the petitions that were approved only totaled to 66.2%.

Basically, it’s now harder to get petitions approved. This difficulty is the reason why couples should always take into consideration the requirements needed to become approved. To help you further, here are five requirements to get your k1 visa approved.

Only a U.S. citizen can file the petition


Legal residents of the United States of America are the only people who can file a petition for their fiances. Those who aren’t citizens but are green card holders won’t get their petitions approved. Although they can’t file for a K1 visa, green card holders are eligible for the CR1 visa which can take up to two years or more to process.

All petitions should be made with the USCIS or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Supplying the USCIS with U.S. birth certificate should be enough for U.S. born citizens. Those who underwent naturalization show a U.S. passport that supports their naturalization.

Both of you should legally be able to marry each other

You and your fiance should be able to legally marry each other at the time of filing your petition. If you think that your fiance has a pending divorce, don’t bother registering for a petition yet. It’ll only get you in trouble and could take your request longer to process. Always be 100% sure that you’re able to marry each other legally.

Having to apply and getting denied for something you aren’t sure of is a waste of time. You won’t have the chance to appeal because state laws require you to file your petition from the beginning.

Intention to marry within 90 days

Petitioners who want to bring over their fiance into the U.S. should convince USCIS that their relationship is for real and not for any other purpose. One way of convincing USCIS agents is the intent to marry within 90 days.

If you’re lying or if you don’t get married within the 90 days, you might be fined for not following the law. What’s more, is that your fiance will be arrested. They’ll then go to removal proceedings which will deport your fiance back to their country. The 90-day rule is made to discourage frauds and marry-for-convenience schemes.

A lot of people try to get in wealthy, developed countries such as the United States. Being a legal resident of these countries is a life-changing moment and can lift the lives of a foreign immigrant coming from other countries. If you can’t marry within 90 days for some legitimate reason, contact a lawyer and talk with USCIS. If you need more help, there are professionals that work as a visacoach that can significantly help you with your application process.

Prove that you’ve met within the last two years


Another way to convince your USCIS agent is to prove that you and your fiance have met within the previous two years. Skype and video calls do not count in this matter. Although you can use screenshots of your conversation and video calls as a supplement, you have to prove to the agents of your relationship.

You can show them photographs of you and your fiance, the places you’ve been together, receipts for hotel stays and restaurant bills, etc. For another measure, you and your fiance should know essential dates related to your relationship. USCIS agents will ask you and your fiance about important dates.

These could be birthdates, your anniversary dates, etc. They can even ask about more intriguing and personal questions such as how, when, and where did you first meet. All of this information is important to USCIS so they can determine that the two of you are really in love and plan to start a life together in the country.

Income Requirement

While some visas require on your fiance’s financial capabilities, the K-1 petition needs to determine if the petitioner is financially able. There’s a strict poverty guideline that the USCIS follows. These guidelines ensure that when both of you start your married life, there won’t be any financial problems encountered.



Getting a fiance visa isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible. Just follow the guidelines by the USCIS. Don’t withhold any information from them as they can perceive it as something shady and that you’re hiding something. USCIS will be very thorough in their processes. They’ll ask you essential dates, ask for pictures and proof of your relationship. Once you follow everything by the book, you can expect that your fiance will arrive on U.S. soil, legally, ready for marriage.