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5 Reasons Why The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Could be the Biggest


The famous TV show on the History Channel is finally ready to blast the audience with an epic comeback of Lagina brothers in the most intriguing season ever! Since 2014.when it first started showing, „The Curse of Oak Island” became one of the most popular shows on the History Channel, with a constantly increasing fan base.

Watching Rick and Marty discovering the Money Pit bit by bit, made fans all around the world completely hooked on this show. Considering all the discoveries in the last five seasons, there is no doubt the sixth one is going to be a spectacle as well. Here are the five reasons why the premiere on 13th of November will find us breathlessly biting nails in front of the screen!

5. The major dig from SE05 has been completed!

Remember the most important and the largest excavation from the last season? It has been finished, which means the fan base is sure to expect something fresh and even bigger in the season to arrive. Maybe the results weren’t exactly as spectacular or as concrete as everybody wished for, but they did have found enough valuable stuff to keep themselves sifting and some additional mysterious items, such as (human?) bones.

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