5 Reasons a Private Jet Charter is Right For Your Next Family Vacation


Perhaps you think that the only time it’s appropriate to consider a private jet charter for rent is when you need to make some sort of business trip. In fact, a jet charter is also a great option when you’re arranging a family vacation or a week or two away with a group of friends. Here are some of the reasons why this approach to travel will work better than booking seats on a commercial flight.

Leave and Return When You Like

As you begin to learn how to rent a private jet, the flexibility of departure and arrival times is one of the things that will catch your eye. Unlike commercial flights, you are not restricted to following some sort of schedule predetermined by an airline.

Part of making the charter reservation is deciding the date and time you want to leave, and the date and time you want to start for home. Compare this approach to trying to find a flight that’s leaving as close to the date and time as you would like. It won’t take long to see why this one benefit motivates many people to travel on a jet charter.

Land Closer to Your Destination


Do you really want to take a commercial flight for several hours, then have to travel a few more hours by car to get to your destination? That really doesn’t make sense if there happens to be a smaller airstrip close to the lodge, cabin, or lake where you plan on spending the vacation. A private jet charter for rent is a much better choice.

Jet charters can land any place that accepts commercial flights. They can also land at a number of smaller venues that are not set up to accommodate commercial flights. Think of how nice it would be to step off the jet and be checked in your room or suite in thirty minutes or less.

Room to Spread Out During the Flight

During the flight itself, there’s the opportunity to enjoy plenty of room and be comfortable. If you’ve ever flow economy class on a commercial flight and found the head and leg room to be less than sufficient, a jet charter will be a welcome change.

As you explore how to rent a private jet, consider going with one that’s slightly larger than you think you need. If six people are making the trip, consider looking a jets that accommodate eight or ten people. You’ll have more room to spread out and be comfortable. It also comes in handy when one kid wants to play video games and another wants to stretch out and listen to music with his or her ear buds.

Cater the In-Flight Meals


Did you know that a private jet charter for rent can include arranging catering in advance? It’s easy enough to have food delivered to the flight just before you’re scheduled to leave. That makes it easy to choose entrees and sides that everyone likes, and also accommodate any special dietary restrictions that one or more of the family members must observe.

You’re Not Stuck in the Air For Hours Sitting Next to “That Guy”

Have you ever been on a long commercial flight trapped next to someone who talks non-stop, tries to sell you something, or hogs the arm rests? You don’t have to deal with any of that when you schedule a jet charter. Between having more room and the fact that you already know everyone on the flight, you get to avoid the “that guy” syndrome altogether.

Does the idea of having more control of the flights to and from your vacation destination sound appealing? Learn how to rent a private jet by calling a charter service and talking about the options and amenities that can be included in your travel package. Once you try a service once, you will never want to use a commercial flight for a family vacation again.

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