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5 Primary Threats to Your Identity, From Cyber to The Existential

As the digital world rapidly grows in this new technological era, we cannot expect only the advantages that it can provide humans but also the disadvantages. One of the significant obstacles that we often come across in the online world is the constant fear of risks to our identities through the hands of other people like cyber-criminals, hackers, or crackers. This is known as cyber-crime. This lack of cyber-security is what causes an existential risk to many online users on the web.

With the rapid rise in the number of users on social media like Facebook or Twitter, cyber-crime is now more than ever a threat to the ordinary people. Since nowadays the use of the online world is a leisure activity carried out by thousands of people to escape reality, without knowing much about the consequences or threats regarding their identities, that lie deep for them in the digital world.

CyberSmart has compiled below 5 threats to your identity that will leave you wholly shaken if not dealt with severely:

1. Trojan Horse

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Trojan horse is a threat which is in the form of software. Although this works as an essential software, the primary purpose of this malware is to sneak into your system and steal away and ruin your device’s inner functionalities. This way, the hacker can quickly snatch away your information and become a significant risk to your identity without your consent.
Getting cyber essentials certification can help you keep your identities secret.

2. Denial-of-Service

Denial-of-Service (DoS) is a computerized threat made by the hacker in such a way that it sends a countless number of spam or data that is a waste and that can threaten your identity quite quickly and efficiently. This is typically done in the case of companies or large organizations having large servers. Once the thief gets his hands on this, the information of hundreds and thousands of users will be exposed.  Cyber essentials services will help you fight DoS crimes.

3. Phishing

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Phishing is a threat which works just like Fishing for humans. Phishing is a fraud in which the system attacked is tricked in such a way that the user is lured into opening personal sites such as emails. Once the individual sites have opened a cyber-criminal can without any difficulty get access to the victim’s data and information.

4. Password Attack

The password attack is a computerized risk in which a cyber-criminal can work his way inside your accounts through accessing your password by using a sequence of instructions through which he attempts multiple tries of passwords until the right one is obtained. This results in an illegal control over an account.

5. Man-in-the-Middle

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As the name very obviously implies that something is coming in the way between two mediums; an intruder. Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) is the intruder. This cyber-risk is an attack that takes place when a transmission is underway between two parties, for example, a user is transmitting data to another party, but Man-in-the-Middle intervenes and spoils the data being transmitted without anyone’s knowledge.

There are uncountable of these risks lurking around in the online personal world of the users. To tackle this significant issue, UK has a policy known as the Cyber Essentials headed by National Cyber Security Center to attain security and safety for online users against the cyber-crimes which are far greater threats to your identities than you can imagine. This policy ensures protection to a greater extent. The country orders every institute to implement Cyber Essentials since it provides a vital source of protection from the threats to its people’s identities and from preventing existential crisis to take place in the people’s minds.