5 Multiplayer games masterpieces

Video games can be rewarding, but they’re even more rewarding when you’re humiliating your friends or working together towards a common goal. Multiplayer games have the potential to strengthen or destroy friendships, and that’s what makes them so fun.

It’d be really difficult to create a list of all the best multiplayer games ever released, so in this article, we’re just going to highlight 5 highly memorable multiplayer game masterpieces. We’ve tried to select something from a range of genres, so there should be something for everyone on this list. So next time you’re looking to do a little gaming with your friends, give one of the multiplayer titles from this article a look!


There are so many browser-based multiplayer games, especially with the rise of IO games, it is incredibly difficult to pick exactly which to include in this article. But is so addicting, not including it simply seemed sinful. You can play it here on CrazyGames.

In, you control a helicopter while shooting at other players, while expanding your territory by building towers and walls. There are several modes of gameplay, but the main game mode revolves around territory expansion and capture. You gain XP by destroying other player’s towers, and of course, you are rewarded through skills and power-ups.

It sounds simple, but it’s highly competitive and addicting. The numerous game modes give the game a twist, such as the team-based bomb defuse mode and the Teams mode which is similar to the standard PvP mode but puts players into 8 teams of 6 players each.


If Minecraft wasn’t hands down one of the best multiplayer experiences ever to grace gaming, it wouldn’t have become so massively popular. Minecraft combines so many addicting elements – RPG, survival, farming, loot grinding, and a nearly unparalleled creative freedom.

Minecraft offers a bit of something for everyone and can be taken to entirely new heights through the dedicated mod community. Whether you’re grinding for diamonds in survival mode, building an epic city in creative mode, or just trolling friends with TNT, Minecraft is one of those essential multiplayer games that can keep you and your friends playing together for a long time. 2

Another incredibly addictive IO game (they’re all the rage these days), 2 is a little difficult to explain on paper, you simply have to try it to get what it’s all about. The best summary we can give is that you must control a little character via mouse movement, and lead them into completing loops around the screen, from an initial starting point.

You can be as creative as you want, zigging and zagging all over the place, but you must always return to point A to complete a loop. Each successful loop expands your territory, but you must not enter other player’s territories, and you are “killed” if another player completes a loop over an area you are currently looping around. Sounds confusing? It’s actually incredibly simple, so give it a look!

Left 4 Dead 2

Taaaaank!”. Left 4 Dead 2 proved a single word can send a shiver of panic through a team of 4 co-op players, scrambling to work together as a team against the horde of undead.

The genius in Left 4 Dead’s multiplayer focus is how the game punishes lone wolf style players. Stray too far from your team, and the game will most likely throw a pouncing hunter zombie in your path. Successful completion of L4D’s levels requires intense teamwork and coordination, always being mindful of your surroundings, sharing resources and watching each other’s backs.

There are few things more rewarding than beating Left 4 Dead’s campaign as a cooperative team, other than seeing a lone wolf teammate getting justice served by a hunter zombie for straying too far from the team.

Mario Party

It was a close call between Mario Kart and Mario Party, but ultimately, Mario Party offers so many mini-games that it really makes the perfect party game. Fair warning: Mario Party can seriously permanently damage friendships.

There have been so many Mario Party titles, each with tons of unique mini-games, it’s difficult to say which is the best. This helpful article boils down the 5 best (and worst) mini-games from the Mario Party series.