5 Most Expensive Advertisements Ever

Most people usually don’t like commercials because they interfere and interrupt them in watching their favorite series or football matches, popping up in the form of ads from all sides on their favorite websites. However, over time, people start to enjoy commercials imperceptibly, and in order to attract the attention of the audience, companies try to make interesting, funny and creative commercials.

And while today, thanks to the Internet, it is even possible to advertise your business for free and place ads for free on websites, some advertisements still cost a lot of money, especially those that are played in primetime on the most viewed televisions and with famous stars starring.

The goal of the company that finances the advertisement is to create awareness about the product/service being promoted, and just a few seconds at the right time on the right TV channel is often enough to introduce the audience to a new brand or to remind you about their existence. So, if you sing along to a song that accompanies an ad, it is very likely that the next time you go shopping, you will look to buy a product that is promoted in that ad, and that is the main goal of marketing.

Many companies have spent millions on creating quality commercials that often last only a few seconds on TV, and see below which are the most expensive ads ever made.

Chrysler 200 and Eminem – 2011 Super Bowl ad (12 million dollars)

If you’ve had a chance to look at this ad you’re probably now wondering what it is that’s so expensive in it and you think this information isn’t accurate. However, the mere fact that the king of hip-hop music Eminem, who was at the peak of his popularity at the time, as well as that the advertisement was shown in prime time, during the Super Bowl broadcast is enough to understand that huge money was invested in it. The SuperBowl is one of the most important sporting events in the world and if you plan to advertise during the show, it would be the most expensive 30 seconds. The best way to watch this global show is via satellite, as local TV stations usually do not have the money to buy the broadcast rights. So call TaylorAerials and watch any TV channel in the world using satellite.

In the ad, the famous rapper drives a Chrysler 200 through the streets of Detroit, a city that is the main center of the auto industry in the United States. The ad focuses on life in Detroit, its hardworking people, music, art, and even its abandoned buildings, presenting to the public the city where Chrysler cars are manufactured. Eminem, who was born in Detroit, was delighted with the concept and rejected several other more lucrative projects due to the shooting of this ad.

This advertisement, in addition to costing a lot, is also important due to the fact that it was created at a time when the US auto industry was in a great crisis, but the Chrysler factory still managed to provide money for its filming and showing. Despite the huge investment, the critics did not like the advertisement, but its main goal was achieved – to attract the audience.

Aviva insurance – 2008. (13 million dollars)

When the British insurance company Norwich Union changed its name to Aviva in 2008, it was necessary to find a way for the whole world to find out about the new brand name. In order to promote its new name, the company has invested a lot of money in shooting an ad featuring several celebrities from the world of show business who at some point in their careers also changed their names and achieved huge popularity and success, thanks in part to their new names. It features actor Bruce Willis, supermodel and actress Elle Macpherson, comedian Dame Edna, heavy metal singing legend Alice Cooper and famous Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.

The high fees that these celebrities received for participating in the commercial video of Aviva insurance from 2008 are the main reason why a huge amount of money was spent on advertising. However, it turned out that this investment was completely justified, because the company under its new name began to achieve incredible business successes soon after the commercial was shot.

George W. Bush Junior Presidential Campaign Video (14 million dollars)

Did you know that during the election race for the US presidency, several billion dollars were spent on the campaign of presidential candidates? However, no single commercial was as expensive as George W. Bush’s election video for the 2004 presidential election.

What made this ad so expensive is the extremely long period of its showing on television, as well as the large number of countries in which it was broadcast. This 14.2 million advertisement, along with other promotional material used in the campaign, brought Bush Jr. another presidential term, and fully justified the huge investment.

Domino commercial in 2007 for Guinness beer (16 million dollars)

When you celebrate a birthday you are allowed to be extravagant, right? However, as far as extravagance is concerned, it seems that no one will surpass the famous Irish brewer Guinness, who shot an advertisement worth as much as 16 million dollars to celebrate his 80th birthday in 2007.

With the slogan “Good things happen to those who wait” Gunniess shot a commercial in a small Argentine town, which shows how more than 6,000 items, books, chairs, suitcases, barrels, refrigerators, tires, cars, are collapsing one after another like a domino, all with the goal of reaching the huge mug of Gunniess beer that is the last link in this domino chain. And after that happens, the enthusiasm of the locals begins.

Celebrities did not participate in this advertisement, but the concept itself, which included setting up and using all resources, destroyed cars and other items, is enough for the viewer to immediately realize that a lot of money was spent on the advertisement.

Chanel No. 5 perfume advertisement from 2004 (33 ​​million dollars)

This two-minute ad for the famous perfume created by French manufacturer Cocco Chanel, is the most expensive commercial ever shot. An incredible 33 million dollars were invested in it, which, for the sake of comparison, is quite enough to make two solid Hollywood films.

In the commercial, Nicole Kidman is a well-known actress who runs away from the paparazzi and gets into a taxi, and Rodrigo Santoro is an ordinary city waiter and an unaffirmed writer who is already in a taxi. These two young people who meet by chance in a taxi immediately fall in love with each other. It was so expensive because of its concept, but also because of the huge fee that was paid to Kidman. Namely, Nicole Kidman received a fee of as much as 3.7 million dollars for this commercial, and she was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest paid actress for shooting a TV commercial. Despite the large investments, the advertisement was not in vain because the sale of No. 5 perfumes reached their peak that year.


These ads are quite ingenious and they show you that TV commercials don’t necessarily need to be boring. We are used to mundane ads and the moment they start we immediately change the channel or get up to do something before they are finished.

As we’ve already said, most of the entertaining ads can be seen on satellite TV. According to TVaerialinstaller you’d definitely want to upgrade your TV set, not only because of the better ads, but better shows and movies as well!

Which of the ads was the most fun for you?

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