5 Free iMac Mockup Designs for the Workplace

Professionally speaking, the iMac Mockup is the most professional way a web designer or web developer can showcase their digital output to a client. It helps that the iMac screen is large and so photos, texts and videos are magnified and become more attractive—that is if the web designs are attractive. Any faults or errors will also be magnified. But if you are already on the cusp of presenting the prototype of your digital output, then it is understood that you have already perfected the project. This means that only the positive aspects will be magnified.

There are a lot of free iMac mockup designs or layouts available online. This will provide a lot of versatility for a designer or a web developer to showcase their work. For designers who will be creating web designs that working people do, the iMac is going to be the ideal mockup subject because most workplaces work with a desktop. Even those who have home offices prefer to work with a desktop. So here are some of the best iMac mockups that showcase workplace settings.

1. Vintage Workplace Mockup

This is just perfect for any creative person. The layout of the mockup feels like a home office for a person that does design—mostly interior design. The free mockup features vintage-looking desk and chair with the iMac atop the table. There is also a design tablet lying down on the table. Completing the accessories on the work desk are the notebook and pen, book on the “History of Design,” some other books, more notebooks, a keyboard, and a sticky note on the screen. The wall also features some simple decorative sheets.
So if you are creating a website for an interior design company, or maybe you are offering a web application that an interior designer can very well use for work, then this is a mockup template that you can work with. Click here to get this and many other iMac mockups right now!

2. Clean and Minimal iMac Pro Mockup

This iMac Pro mockup features a clean desk, the iMac Pro with keyboard and mouse, as well as a potted plant. This clearly evokes a paperless environment that values minimalism—no unnecessary items on the desk and definitely no paper documents, not even notebooks. It is professional and it is sophisticated.
Create a photorealistic iMac website depiction on this mockup using PSD file. It is just easier to edit that way, especially if you want to present more than just a landing page during the demonstration. Working on a mockup PSD means easy editing, especially when you have to convert the items into smart layers. This way, every editing done on smart objects will not affect the other layers.

3. iMac and MacBook Clay Mockups

If you are offering a minimalist look, which is best when you want to showcase the functionality of the website, then Ramotion has a great versatile collection for you: four iMac Clay mockups and four MacBook Clay mockups. You just have to find the right kind of layout for you to showcase your digital project. The mockups are all in high resolution and in black and white colors, which are the best ways to emphasize minimalism as both are technically not colors. The files are available in both Photoshop and Sketch, providing more flexibility. Smart objects are included.

4. iMac Home Office Workspace PSD Mockup

A home office is just as important as a corporate office. The Apple iMac, of course, is the ideal technology for any office because of the power behind it. The large screen is the most basic advantage of having a desktop in an office. It is just easier to work when your fonts are large and the images and videos are clear. But the iMac is more than just a desktop with a large screen. It offers a Retina 4K display, which means that everything you see on the screen will be nothing short of spectacular. There are also 25 percent more available colors when it comes to the Apple iMac.

TechRadar reviews the 21.5-inch Apple iMac and calls it one of the hottest all-in-ones in the market. Indeed, the iMac provides a very professional look and will make a perfect technology for you to showcase your professional design. In this specific workspace mockup, the layout only consists of the iMac, the accompanying keyboard and mouse, atop a wooden desk. It is as simple as that. It is up to you to wow your audience with your creative and functional design.

5. Man at iMac in Home office Mockup

This will generally show how your website will look when a person is actually working on it. This provides a more professional feel and looks realistic. It would seem like the actual scene when the website is already live, and a person is using that website. This mockup comes in PSD file, which makes it easier for you to paste your design on the iMac screen in the photo-based mockup. The file also comes with a smart layer for easy editing.

There are other similar free mockups available online. This particular mockup shows a man working with the iMac. But if your website is more feminine, then there are other mockups that feature a working woman with a more feminine background. This is why a mockup is important. It doesn’t just help you showcase your design to clients, it also conveys the theme of your overall design.

Working with free iMac mockup

As a designer, you want to be able to concentrate on making the most extraordinary website design. The presentation aspect is just secondary. However, for a lot of businesses, being wowed during the presentation could be just as important. Website design can be improved through feedback. But a great presentation can actually mean getting the deal or not. Having free iMac mockup means getting the presentation aspect done in the shortest time possible. It will save you time and effort as you can just drag your design to the mockup templates. Because of the hundreds of designs online, you can even choose the best one that would fit the kind of design you want to impress upon clients.

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