5 Foolproof Tips for Short Hair

Short hairstyles are simply awesome! They are easier to handle and take care of, and look super chic and cool. If you always wear them short, or you got bored of your long hair and got yourself a nice trendy short cut, in any case, this article will give you 5 foolproof tips on how to maintain your short hairs and make sure that your hairstyle stays in shape.

1. Do not comb your hair too often

Yeah, you read that right. We know that combing and brushing are good for you, but when it comes to short hairstyles, not so much. This is because short hair isn’t likely to get tangled, so brushing and combing it too often will deflate them and your hairstyle will lose its shape. 

Use your fingers at the roots to give them a subtle lift and volume, and you’re good to go. If you need to use a brush, hairstylists will suggest you get a bristle brush to brush your hair. If you have a thick density and you want to have a sleek style, you can blow dry your them with a small Denman brush to get a smooth look and lesser volume. Too add some texture to your hair, avoid combs and brushes. Instead, use your fingertips through them  a few times until you’re satisfied with the textured look in your style.

2. Remember to trim regularly

Trimming regularly is a must if you want to maintain the stylish shape of your short hair. You should go for a trim every three to five weeks. This sounds like a lot of work, right? But it is something you need to do to keep them  in shape, especially if you have shorter hairstyles such as pixie cuts, cropped styles, etc. because they can grow up to at least an inch in two months.

 If you have a short and an edgy style, regular trims are necessary; otherwise, they can grow in unruly directions, messing up the beauty of the shape. These kinds of haircuts need more maintenance in the form of more frequent visits to the salon. However, do not attempt to chop off or trim on your own without consulting your hairdresser or stylist, because the haircut is of the supreme importance for a short hairstyle. If you mess that up, it can look not-so-great anymore. If you have a softer short hairstyle with blunt ends, you will need to go for trims less often-say every four to seven weeks.

3. The lesser the heat used, the better

Short hairstyles should be styled using heat-based tools as little as possible. Since your hair is short, the heat-styling tool (if used) will be working too close to the scalp-which is absolutely bad for them and scalp health. According to expert stylists, if you have short ones, avoid using heat-based styling tools daily such as flat irons, curlers, even blow driers, because these are damaging to the shaft. 

Once you damage your hair, it will not be able to retain color and luster. If you feel like they are unruly and strands are flying in a thousand directions, the trick is to take a small cotton ball, dampen it and use it to smoothen the flyaway strands. This way, even if you don’t have enough time to wash them, you will get a tame, smooth, and classy look without using heating tools of any kind. If you need to use heating tools occasionally, make sure that you take very good care of your scalp, such as including an exfoliating scalp treatment in your routine.

4. Wash Them Daily

As compared to longer hairstyles, short hairstyles need more regular washing. Short hair tends to end up greasy quicker, also depending on how oily your scalp is. Short hairstyles are not tied up; therefore attract a lot of dirt and debris which get deposited on the scalp. That is why you should wash them  every day and keep your scalp as clean as possible. Also, washing short hair is way easier than washing long ones, so no complaining! However, while washing them every day, don’t make your scalp too dry. 

You can use a moisturizing masque and always use a good quality shampoo for regular use, which cleanses them gently along with hydrating your scalp. In case you do not have enough time to wash them , and you can’t deal with your greasy fur, dry shampoo will come to the rescue. Use a high-quality dry shampoo to get rid of the grease and add texture to your hair; on days you can’t wash your hair.

5. Coldwater for the shine

If you want to make your short hairstyle shinier and glam up your look, here is a great tip for you. After you are done showering with warm water, rinse them off with a strong blast of cold water. This will undo the damage done to them during the hot shower and add a lavish luster to your hair. You don’t have to rinse them in cold water for too long, just a few seconds is enough to get the shiny look, and you’re ready to rock your “short hair-don’t care” look in style!