5 Best TEFL Destinations for Healthy Living


You may decide to travel the world, but that doesn’t mean that all the work you have put in to build a healthier lifestyle has to be tossed out the window. You can choose a destination that allows you to continue embracing these lifestyle choices or even adopt new ones.

The following are just 5 of the top TEFL destination for you if you are looking to prioritize your health and fitness – for more information on TEFL courses, visit The TEFL Academy.

  1. India

India provides the best destination for those who consider physical as well as mental wellness a priority. Teaching English to non-native speakers can be an exhaustive process both mentally, and physically and Indian culture offers you the tools necessary to maintain a healthy balance. In India, you can continue with your Yoga or Meditation practice.

In India, food is also often locally sourced and homemade. This means if you prefer organic foods, you will have a wide range of options to choose from including fresh fruits and vegetables. India presents an opportunity to be wholly healthy.

  1. Thailand

You might think of Thailand as a place with the best beaches, stunning mountains for mountain climbing, tropical beaches, waterfalls and more spectacular scenery. But it is also a world-famous destination for Meditators and Vegans. The Thai culture prioritizes a calm connection to the land, not to mention the world famous and addictive Thai massage.

  1. Japan

Japan is a country that is well known for its lengthy life expectancy. There are more centenarians in Okinawa than anywhere else in the world. The only explanation for this phenomenon can be balanced and healthy diets a, cultural and community values, Zen spas and a whole lot of green tea.

If you agree that too much sugar can be detrimental to your health, then you’ll be happy with Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisine contains unprocessed and largely fresh foods. The diet is focused on fish and grains. Martial arts like Karate, Judo or Aikido classes are the best way to keep your heart-rate up.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. The conservation efforts in the country are a matter of national pride with locals participating fully in the process. It is, therefore, safe to assume and research has shown that Costa Ricans have translated this love of the environment to a love of self, making them some of the most health-conscious people in the world.

Herbs and spices like garlic, pepper, thyme, oregano, and even onions are a major part of this country’s cuisine and it is not surprising that these are also some of the plants and herbs are best known for their therapeutic properties.

Costa Rica has also played host to some of the world’ best health retreats including Yoga and meditation retreats held annually in the country. The fact that tropical fruits are widely available means that you will also partake in less processed foods while in Costa Rica. Some of the best beaches in the world and pristine blue waters mean endless opportunities to relax.

  1. Spain

Spain is one of the best destinations for you if you enjoy clocking hours in the Gym. The country only comes second to the US in terms of the number of people going to the gym. And, even if you don’t like to go to the gym, the country has infrastructure that supports various sports such as basketball, tennis, water sports, skiing, golf, and even cycling. Surfing is also popular in Spain and so is bullfighting if you want to stretch your options a little bit.