5 Best Chromecast Alternatives

Chromecast is one of the most practical options when it comes to wireless streaming between different devices. It makes the whole experience faster and practical. On the top of that, Chromecast is usually rated as “user-friendly”, it has huge numbers of consumers and excellent reviews. Nevertheless, not everyone is a fan of Chromecast. Some people find it hard to use since it does not have native user interface. Others, on the other hand, still think that it is by far the best product of this type. This popularity of Chromecast might deceive you into thinking that there is no good alternative. However, what happens if you are not able to get Chromecast, or it doesn’t fully suit your needs? Well, you can easily find excellent alternatives, some of which are even thought to be better than Chromecast in a few aspects. Take a look below to find out which are some of the best replacements for Chromecast.

  1. Roku Streaming Stick +

This device is almost as well-ranked as Chromecast. It can be plugged in the HDMI port of your TV and it also supports 4K HDR streaming. The remote of this device is easy to use and it can also control the power and volume of your TV. This is also practical because you can have only one remote, which will control all your devices. This saves you a lot of time and energy, since you can control basically everything with just one remote. According to the users, the Roku Streaming Stick is also attractive product to buy because it comes with a lot of free content. On the top of that, it supports Dolby ATMOS surround sound. Even though some users state that the con of this device is the lack of voice control support, it is one of the most popular devices on the market currently.

  1. Apple TV 4K

If you are into a bit more luxurious devices, Apple TV 4K will definitely not disappoint you. One of the most beneficial features of this product is the fact that you can both use it for Apple TV and iOS games. It probably goes without saying, Siri, the Apple’s famous assistant, is there to help you too.  This device comes with a built-in 32/64 GB which is great if you want to store movies inside the device itself. The passionate movie fans usually go for this device due to this great memory. One of the possible cons would be the remote which is usually described as “too fragile”. Besides that, this product is definitely one of the most practical and user-friendly devices. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is worth the money.

  1. Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra is a bit more expensive compared to the Roku Streaming Stick +, but if price is not such an important factor when you purchase products, buying Roku Ultra is definitely worth it. It has very strong processor and excellent wireless performance. Not only does it support many streaming devices, but it also has a headphone jack on the remote. So, you can enjoy music and films without making any noise. It, also, has the options of controlling both the volume and power of the TV. According to many users, this device is perhaps even better than Chromecast. Therefore, if you are looking for a valid alternative, Roku Ultra should definitely be on your list.

  1. Amazon Fire TV Cube

This product is probably one of the highest-ranked alternatives of the Chromecast. Not only is it very powerful, but it also allows you to control your cable connection. On the top of that, it supports voice control, so it is very easy to If you are a Prime Member, you get access to the excellent free content. Also, one of the benefits of this product is its ability to remember your commands. This affects the speed and efficacy. The Amazon Fire TV Cube supports 4K, HDR 10, as well as Dolby ATMOS audio. One of the possible cons is the fact that there is no YouTube. Other than that, this device is the great alternative to Chromecast.

  1. Nvidia Shield TV

If you are a gamer, you will be fascinated by the last device on this list. Nvidia Shield TV will provide you with best gaming experience since it has 4K HDR quality. On the top of that the sound is powerful due to the fact that it has Dolby ATMOS. Therefore, with this device you will get very vivid and real gaming experience. One of the reasons why this device is so popular lies in the fact that it allows casting media and photos from Android device to TV. However, even though it can be found on a lot wish-lists, people usually give up on buying it because it not as affordable. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an excellent Chromecast alternative, and gaming is your profession or passion – this is definitely the product to go for.


Even though it might seem impossible to find a good replacement for Chromecast, it is quite the opposite. In today’s market, there are plenty of companies which produce devices with excellent qualities. Not only are these products high-quality, but they also represent an equally good alternative. If you are looking to buy one, the best thing to do is decide for which purpose you need the device itself. Also, determining the factors which are important for you might be helpful. For instance, it could be the price, the quality of the remote, or functionality. In accordance with that, you can easily find great examples of alternatives. Good luck!