4th of July Emojis That Scream Independence

Independence Day, also known as the Fourth of July, is one of the most significant holidays in the United States. This day is loaded with barbecue parties, local parades, fairs, and various fireworks. With many years of celebrating this holiday and doing 4th of July traditions, you might already know what this day is all about.

Your emotions, pride, and patriotism for the country heighten during this time of the year. You can’t help but show on social media that you love Uncle Sam and the freedom he gives everyone. Thankfully, a site called will help you choose the best emojis to use–or copy and paste emojis anytime you don’t have an emoji keyboard with you.

Nonetheless, here are emojis that scream independence to help you celebrate and shout out your 4th of July pride!

Emojis You Should Use on Independence Day

The American Flag 🇺🇸

This emoji means the digital depiction of the United States of America’s national flag. Using the American flag emoji in your messages or social media posts during this holiday symbolizes your patriotism and pride in being American. This emoji also means freedom for many American patriots and citizens alike.

It might be the most used emoji during the Fourth of July since this holiday is only celebrated in the United States. People often use this for greetings such as “Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸 “or “Today’s Independence Day! 🇺🇸 “. So, feel the freedom and add the American flag emoji to all your posts on July 4th.

The Statue of Liberty 🗽

One of the iconic symbols of the United States is the Liberty Enlightening the World, most commonly known as the Statue of Liberty. This sculpture was a gift from France to the United States and designed by a French Artist, and it commemorates an alliance between France and the US during the American Revolution.

It symbolizes the ideals of freedom and New York City in the United States. The Statue of Liberty emoji is generally used for American patriotism, especially on Independence day. You can also use this emoji to add to your greetings to your family or friends on the Fourth of July, such as, “Happy Independence day and proud to be American! 🗽 🙌”

Hot Dogs 🌭 and Burgers 🍔 and Beer 🍺

Food. July 4th is incomplete without the traditional food Americans serve, such as hot dogs, burgers, and beers. These foods are also the most used food emojis during this holiday. What is the Fourth of July without grilling some hot dogs and burgers and chugging some beers, right?

Let’s start with the hot dog and burger emoji. Hot dogs are the most popular street food in the United States; burgers are the most popular meal. It is in the tradition of every American to have a barbecue party every Fourth of July, and it comes with grilling steaks and grilling hot dogs and burger patties.

You can use this emoji as a caption when posting photos on your social media while grilling during this event. People often post their cooking on social media, especially when there’s an occasion, in this case, Independence day.

As for the beer emoji, it symbolizes a celebration or a toast. You can also add this emoji as a caption for your Fourth of July post or invite someone to come over and celebrate this holiday with you.

Eagle 🦅

The Eagle is the most recognized figure in the United States of America, and the founding father chose it as the national emblem of the US. The Eagle symbolizes the country’s and the American people’s strength, honor, greatness, and freedom. It is no wonder that this iconic symbol is also one of the most used emojis for the Fourth of July.

You can also use the eagle emoji as an addition to your Independence day caption or message greetings to your loved ones and friends. For example, you can use inspirational quotes about our Independence day and add eagle emojis and flag emojis. You can do this on social media, such as Twitter or Facebook.

Fireworks 🎆

Fireworks on the Fourth of July is one of the most awaited moments in this event. It plays a big part in this holiday because it symbolizes the celebration of our nation’s birth. People launch fireworks in the evening for all to see, and it has been a tradition to watch it with your family and friends.

The Fireworks emoji shows powerful emotions such as happiness and amazement. You can use this emoji as a caption if you post or send firework videos to your loved ones during the 4th of July, and you can also add this emoji to your greetings.

Why Use Emojis?

Sure, you can always send sparkly GIFs or digital cards to family and friends on Independence Day. However, it was trendy way back when email was more popular. Today, using GIFs or digital cards can sometimes look spammy–or worse, seem a bit insincere. It’s mainly because whether it’s a GIF, digital card, or a greeting sticker, everyone knows they are pre-made.

If you want to do something different, try to craft a greeting with your own words and tap on the most relevant emojis you can use. Say you are sending out invitations to a BBQ night with hotdogs and burgers; use the burger, hotdog, and BBQ emoji (Meat on Bone emoji) at the end of your message and a couple of other party-related emojis.

Your message will also become more engaging, visual, and expressive. Besides, emojis make a significant part of modern online communication. It is viewable on most, if not all, operating systems and platforms, so you might as well take advantage of these cute little icons to build a more profound and stronger connection with your readers.


Celebrating the 4th of July is a true American tradition. You gather with friends and family to celebrate the independence of the United States from the British Empire. It is no surprise that we use social media and emojis to connect with Americans across the country to commemorate this holiday.

There is still plenty of emojis you can use for the Fourth of July holiday. But these are the top emojis that people often use. The important thing here is that you remember and honor those who have sacrificed their lives to ensure this country’s future and freedom.

Thanks for sticking around, and we hope this article will help you express the joys of celebrating the 4th of July!

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