4 Steps to Register a Company in Malaysia with SSM

Do you want to register your company in Malaysia? If Yes! You are at the right place. This article will guide you with information regarding company registration in Malaysia through SSM online portal, i.e. ssm-einfo. Registering a business in Malaysia is not that complex and you need to follow some simple steps to get your company registered under Company Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia)


Step 1: Brainstorm Company Names

It is recommended to get a trade name for your business. A company trade name should not be like your personal name; the trade name should look more professional. So, for trade name registration you should at least have three name suggestion written on “Borang PNA 42” form. Among those three names, only one name will be registered by SSM upon verification. Your business name should be –

  • Unique
  • Easy to remember
  • Must be relevant to the business

Business Name & Trade Name


A business name and trade name are not the same. A business name is the name of a person who owns the company, more appropriately it’s the name of the person whose name is used in the government forms or application for business registration.

However, the trade name is another form of the legal business name. It’s a kind of a name that is used for sales or advertising purpose. The trade name is almost like a brand name that everyone sees for example- Adidas, Nike, Netflix, etc. Sometimes similar kind of name can also be used as a business or trade name.

2. Check Company Name Availability


By using SSM online system, you can check the availability of your company name. It is essential to check the name availability because another company might already be using a similar kind of name that you want to use. Name search also minimizes the possibility of name rejection by SSM. The steps of company name search via online are shown below–

  • You must visit –
  • Click on the icon of “Register as an e-account member.”
  • Now fill the registration form with appropriate information and click on “Submit.”
  • You will receive a message with login information.
  • Login into your account by using appropriate username and password.
  • Once you successfully logged in, click on the “search” icon.
  • Now enter your company name in the search box and search of the name availability.

 3. Complete “BORANG PNA 42 & BORANG A” Form

BORANG PNA 42 Form is required for company trade name registration. You must fill the form with appropriate information including – 3 names of your company and explain the type of business that you are going to operate. Once you complete BORANG PNA 42, you must attach it with BORANG A Form. The BORANG A form must include the data of business incorporation, business code, shareholders details, type of the business.

4. Submit the Forms


You need to submit the forms to SSM head office. The local partners of your company must be physically present during the submission of the forms. The requirement is–

  • Your partner must have Malaysian citizenship.
  • Must have a permanent resident.
  • Should be at least 18 years old.

It is important that a person respects government rules and regulations before opening a business. This is the key to the success of your business. Clients will have trust in a registered company that is not registered, and the owner of the company will conduct the job smoothly, he knows that he is legal.



Setting up business in Malaysia is a great opportunity for business professionals. The market-oriented economy of Malaysia, stable political condition and larger business community have made this country one of the highly competitive manufacturing and export bases. This is why most of the international business entrepreneurs want to set up business in the country.

However, every country has its rules and regulation of setting up business in the country. In Malaysia setting up your own business could be hassled if you don’t know the actual procedures of company registration. The documentation process for company registration may vary depending on the type of business. There are lots of business consulting firm in Malaysia; they can help you out with their suggestion and service.

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