4 Reasons to Be Cautious with Cash Advance Loans

A loan agreement is a contract whereby one person – the lender, undertakes to hand over to the borrower a certain amount of money or other fungible items – and the borrower undertakes to repay the same amount of money after some time. That is, the same amount of things of the same kind and of the same quality within a fixed time period, with or without compensation.

The lender may be a bank or other financial institution, but also non-banking and non-financial institutions (individuals and legal entities).

Have you chosen or plan to opt for cash advance as a solution in situations where you quickly need less money?

As a small business owner, you invest more than sweat and tears in your business: you also invest in savings and risk personal credit to get started. Loans and other financing options may not seem feasible at first or you are wary of taking on commercial debt, but financing your business through borrowing can be the right way to help you grow your business.

Read on to find out if you need to consider it. Below we explain how this works and how to be cautious.

How does it work?

All you need to do is pick up the paper and fill it out. Also many, like BellwetherCapital, offer you online application, which is much more convenient. If this goes well and you are approved, you get a loan (your desired amount). This amount should remain less than the anticipated fees. The next item is about funds… You will probably be required to give the lender a check for the money you want (along with the amount). Over the next day (scheduled for payment), your borrowed check amount will be charged by the lender, all together with additional fees – if they are authorized to do so. In the second case, the check can also be cashed by the lender, of course, if you wrote it.

Why should you be cautious?

Costs – You need to be careful when evaluating the cost of borrowing a cash advance. The fees you have to pay can range in large percentages. However, they can go much further than that. If you did not immediately understand the amount of the repayment rate, equate the borrowed sums of money with the loan and compare it with the national average APR and you will understand.

Fees – It comes with a high price. Interest is very high and banks charge huge additional fees. Although not recommended, it is the best of the worst options and you need to know how to use it. It may also be possible for the lender to offer you a new loan (even though you have not repaid the old one), which of course comes with a new fee. This is how debt refinancing is done.

No checking, but it can also be a risk – Obviously, when companies borrow money without additional information on income, bonds, and good credit history, they are taking a risk. Therefore, interest rates on these borrowings are very high.

Because cash loans only offer short-term loans, interest is usually set for each day, so the rate can vary widely depending on the company and the law.

These organizations are always ready to assist in situations of financial need. They are not interested in credit history, which is why they are often called bad credit loans. However, the main advantages of these companies are their availability to everyone, flexible conditions for the client, as well as the ability to quickly provide cash.

Overdraw is possible – Which in most cases contributes to more debt, ie. Extending the duration of a debt is an overdraft on the current account by the lender. This is evidenced by the fact that a higher percentage of people confirmed that it often happens on the day of payment.

If you need a money borrowing, then surely you have a big money problem that you need to solve this way. The assumption is that you have a sufficient amount of money to cover your upcoming expenses as a consequence of your choice. However, it is not always ideal and there are cases that are unable to cover this financial endeavor or even to cover basic expenses such as bills, rent, etc.

The question is, how will you pay off your credit card bill? To sum up, people who choose to borrow in cash are more likely to pay down debt – it’s simple, interest rates on this form of payment are higher and that’s the reason. Don’t risk falling behind because you pay with a credit card.

Keep a record of the use of cash advances. If you find yourself paying for basic things like groceries, you need to look back at your budget and expenses and work hard to strike a balance between the two.

In what other ways can you get cash advance loans?

Payday alternative – There are various names, one of them is – payday loan, short term or cash loan… This is one small loan, first and foremost. They are much cheaper than so-called payday loans. They are much more favorable than personal loans and sometimes cheaper than overdrafting on your checking account. There is a cash limit you can get, and it is usually lower than the loan you have.

Credit card cash advances – This type represents the most popular variant of advances and works by now borrowing via credit card. According to your credit card company, you can get money at an ATM or in the form of a check (deposited / deposited with a bank). The main feature of this type is the interest rate, which is on average 24% – 9% higher than the average.

Credit Counseling – Represents several types of financial support for small businesses, with payments that typically mean payments made less than 24 months (shorter period of time) and payments every business day (smaller, regular payments). imply length of payment


While taking on debt is not a decision you should make lightly, it can also be a crucial tool for the success of your small business. Think carefully when making your decision and consider both the positives and the potential risk.

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