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4 Negative Things People Say About Interracial Dating, and Why These Don’t Matter

Have you ever dated someone out of your ethnic group?  If you have, you definitely know it’s not always an easy task. Deep inside you, you may know that you simply loved someone of a different race, but the public scrutiny that comes along with it is so shocking. Something weird is that the people scrutinizing your relationship are entire strangers. It’s normal, but you should know how to handle such, because it doesn’t matter what other people say. Here are some of the negativity people bring in to interracial relationships, and how to handle that.

People assume you have something against your culture

Some people tend to think that you hate on your culture, and that’s why maybe, you opted for someone of a different culture. Probably, this is a question that could leave you wondering why people can be tempted to say it. It’s because you fall in love, just as others fall in love with people from their cultures.  

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They assume you’re doing your partner a favor

Did we hear you ask how? Well, this mostly happens within whites. If you happen to be a white, and date a black guy, or maybe, an Asian guy, you’ll notice a change on the faces of your friends. Some could be frank enough to tell you in your eyes that you’re doing the guy a favor

Some people assume you’re slutty

If you live where interracial relationships aren’t familiar, you know how people react to them. We’ve seen some men dating girls from different ethnics, and later, their friends and family turn against them, claim that the girl is slutty and only with them because of money. This mostly happens to girls, where people assume they are dating for money, while the men are only dating for sexual fulfillment

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They generally assume you’re doing the wrong thing

It’s so embarrassing and frustrating to be walking down the streets with the love of your life, only to be approached by cops, to be asked so many unbelievable questions. They will do this only to see your reactions; maybe they think you might be terrorists or just doing something fishy. It’s possible, though very embarrassing and uncomfortable.

People’s words don’t matter

They will assume all kinds of ridiculous things, but the most important thing is to stay constantly optimistic. Love doesn’t have anything to do with race, and racially-based assumptions are only made by racists and negative people. The greatest thing is that whatever they say doesn’t matter. It’s the love that matters.

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The Bottom Line

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