4 Best Prank Calling Apps Today

Prank calling your best pals has never been more enjoyable thanks to the development of the prank call app.

They ensure you’re anonymous during calls, and with their super unique features allow pranks to be that much more creative!

Due to its popularity, there has been a flood in the market for new app releases. While product variety can never be a bad thing, it can be hard for users to differentiate between a good prank call app and a bad one.

So we’ve decided to compile our own prank calling list exploring the best four apps available to download today, saving you the trouble. Take a look!

Who’s Calling Fake Caller

Ziaurehman Amini

This fake prank calling app is ideal for getting out of uncomfortable situations.

Stuck in an awkward date and can’t stop looking at your watch or trapped in a boring business meeting?

If you’ve ever wanted to escape but didn’t have a foolproof way to do so, then Who’s Calling Fake Caller is precisely what you need.

This app enables you to organize a fake incoming call in an instant, allowing you to engage in a phony conversation without suspicion.

As it’s not a real phone call, you can fabricate any prank scenario you wish, giving you the needed credibility on why you need to leave.

A unique feature this fake call app offers is its fun variety of characters that usually aren’t present on similar apps. With nine dialing screens available, this gives you access to popular American presidents such as Barack Obama and Donald Trump. More believable personalities are also provided, such as Boss and Grandma.

Another cool feature lets you record a voice clip to play during fake calls. An audio file alleviates some of the awkwardness of listening to silence. Talking to someone (even a pre recording) allows conversations to flow more naturally, effectively fooling others around you.

Additional Features

  • Choose additional fake contacts from the internet
  • 99 ringtones available
  • Customizable calls to be delayed

Ownage Pranks

If you’re a fan of the Ownage Pranks youtube channel, then you’re going to love this prank dial app!

Containing over 100 automated prank scripts readily available, prank calling your friends has become effortless. And with users receiving one free prank calls daily, you can continue to fool your buddies for as long as you wish.

Automated pre-recordings do a remarkable job of tricking others over the phone because they are so convincing and human-like. Thanks to its algorithm AI which can analyze real-time dialogue and respond accordingly, nobody will suspect it’s an automated call.

Every prank script is unique, catering to a variety of scenarios, making for some great call reactions. For example, if you’ve recently had a new female love interest in your life, try sending the ‘Stay Away From My Boyfriend’ prank, which will accuse her of hitting on their partner.

All prank calls are recorded so you can have your victims in on the prank afterward, recorded calls can also be submitted online to share with friends.

If you’re worried about exposure of your personal details, then have no fear as the app provides a caller ID instead of using your own. All that’s required is a Wifi connection since calls have no association with your phone network.

Additional Features

  • Submit your best calls to the ‘Pranks Hall of Fame’ where you can view the best OwnagePrank prank call reactions
  • All calls are anonymous, ensuring your details are well hidden.
  • Listen to pre recordings beforehand before sending them.
  • High-quality prank calls as the voice acting is top-notch.

Voice Changer- Prank Call

Having a prank call script is a great first step to making a prank call, but delivering it without a hitch is what counts.

Many of us don’t realize how recognizable we are over the phone despite our best efforts to sound different. If this describes your predicament, then Voice Changer-Prank Call is going to be a gamechanger for you!

This highly useful app can deceive even the most suspicious minds with its numerous sound options available, allowing you to change how you sound instantly. With its user-friendly design and easy to use features, this app is suitable for all ages.

While many similar apps only provide male and female or high and low pitched options, this offers a variety of unique choices. These include squirrel, bat, alien, rabbit, and many more.

To test these voice options, record your voice by holding down the record button. After release, you will be able to apply the multiple sound options available. A record function is convenient as you will be able to see which ones best suit you, instead of testing them during a live prank call.

However, transforming your voice is only one aspect, as you can also adjust its speed using the auto speed-up function. Want to sound like Alvin from ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks‘ or a sloth? Use the speed-up feature to increase or decrease recording speeds.

Additional features

  • Export your new voice online as an Audio(.m4a) or Video(.mov) format to share with friends
  • Exported videos will have HD resolution.
  • Easy way to remain anonymous during prank calls

Prank Call Panda

On the surface, ‘Prank Call Panda’ is just another pre-scripted prank calling app which sends automated calls. But unlike similar apps, it gives you a unique choice to choose when responses occur, giving callers a higher degree of interaction.

Like OwnagePranks, you will have access to some cool prank scripts, while fewer are offered, and the voice acting quality isn’t quite as good; it does have some unique pranks and characters, i.e., Tiny Tim- I Scratched Your Cat and Sergeant Wilson (UK).

So how do users interact during prank calls? Unlike a standard automated prank call where a prerecording will respond for you, Prank Call Panda users can decide for themselves when a response should occur.

If you want to be as irritating as possible, choose scripted phrases to reply only when your victim is talking, interrupting them throughout the call.

How you engage is entirely up to you, this allows for more individuality and diversity during prank calls.

Additional Features

  • Listen again to recorded calls afterward
  • Free credits are given daily
  • New scenarios added every week.