4 Accessible Golf Courses for Students

While the core purpose of school is studying, school time also doubles as the golden opportunity for pursuing one’s goals and improving one’s skills in a selected field. If you are into golf, however, accessing a standard golf course may prove a daunting task.

That is not only because of the expensive membership charges but also a limited number of courses that offer discounted rates to students. It is essential to recognize the ones that are accessible to students, thus getting an opportunity to gauge your skills on a standard course.

Among the plethora of them available, most may either cost a fortune to access or require membership registration, which is impossible to cover with student’s financial constraints. It is essential to locate a golf course that offers access to students, thus honing your skills without spending an arm and a leg.

Pairing golf with education is the best option to teach manners and sportsmanship spirit in students. It helps solve the problems with ease and improves concentration.

This article sheds insight on some golf courses that are not only open to students but also affordable hence allowing you to unleash the golf maestro within you. For an infusion of golf with a variety of courses to select from and vibrant sceneries, Algarve Golf Holiday proves an ideal destination.

1. Troon North Golf Club

Set in Arizona, Troon North Golf course ranks at the pinnacle of Scottsdale desert golfs. With two 18-hole courses, Troon north course checks for all elements that comprise the best course.

Besides the rich scenic view from the fast, smooth greens of the golf infusing with the sediments of the surrounding desserts, the course offers a quality challenge, thus ranking ranks on every golfer must-play list.

To putt a ball on the golf course, you need to account for multiple elements, including whether to be aggressive or to lay up to maneuver various challenges offered by the class. What makes this the best one, however, is the surprisingly lowered prices, which makes it accessible to students.

Students in their free time can access the golf course and have a splendid time here. If there is a golfer who is a master, students can observe, learn, and have great insights on the game.

2. Algarve Golf courses

The Algarve courses are the equivalent of a complex offering a wide variety of classes for you to select from. Owing to the plurality of courses, you can test your skills on varying courses, thus learning how to maneuver various hazards. Even better, the courses offer reasonable price ranges that are affordable to students, thus making these rank among the best accessible golf course for students.

It is gaining popularity among students for being the best golf course for students. Its variety of classes is just suited for amateurs, and they have a great time practicing golf here. This one is the best for students from a membership point of view, too.

3. Straits Course


When working on your skills, it is essential to offer yourself a standard challenge, thus gauging your progress and determining the elements you are yet to improve on. When it comes to a golfing challenge, the Whistling Straits course ranks the best. Having hosted 3 PGA championship tours and the 2007 Senior U.S open tour, the Straits Course ranks a word-class challenge.

The arena is excellent for both professionals and amateurs to test their skills, featuring a 9-hole and 18-hole golf course. Even better, the Straits Course features a rich scenery infusing the Lake Michigan shoreline with a rugged, open and windswept coastline.

What makes straits course rank among the best courses in the world, however, is the attention to detail all thanks to its creator, Peter-Dye, who ranks among the best architects in the course designing realm.

A testament to its quality, the Straits course is the selected host of the Ryder Cup competition to be held in 2020. Although the price ranks on the higher end of the price spectrum, it ranks among the few world-class courses that offer access to students.

4. Riverdale Golf Course

While the Riverdale Golf course closes the list, it is among the marvelous courses from the hall-mark architect Peter-dye. Set along the South Platte River, the course comprises two classes, the Knolls, and dunes which also offer a quality challenge for varying skill levels.

Featuring multiple strategically situated water hazards and dunes, this one offers a quality challenge requiring quality skills to putt a ball. Even better, these courses have been ranked by golf magazines among the most affordable courses in America, thus ideal for students.

You may even get the ‘Archie, veronica, betty’ feel when you visit the golf course named- Riverdale. It is like its name is set across a river and has the best course for amateurs and masters. This course gained its student popularity after it went in for special prizes for the students. It makes sure students get all the possible training, practice, and knowledge about the right equipment, which you can check at


While students face strict financial constraints, this does not imply limiting themselves to mediocre golf courses. Thanks to the dynamically affordable prices, this one mentioned above offers, students can not only gauge their skills but also improve their abilities and morph into golfing maestros.

Apart from learning golf, the students gain a lot while playing this sport, both physically and mentally. This game will help build a true sportsman spirit in students. Just a few hours of practice are sure to go a long way.

So, these courses should allow students to practice more and should come up with new ideas to attract talent from all over the world. Because the right course is a basis for building a good golf player, and until that happens, students should practice the courses mentioned above and master their art.