21 Most Awkward Things That Happened at Awards Ceremonies

Not everything goes according to plan at award ceremonies. There are things that go wrong, and many things are just plain weird and awkward. Award ceremonies are massive productions, with many producers in charge, but there still is some weird stuff going on. We present you the 21 Most Awkward Things That Happened at Awards Ceremonies.

21. Swan Bjork

At the 73rd Academy Awards, Bjork was wearing a swan dress. Bjork is cute, but she is also super weird, and that’s normal. The swan dress was quite normal too, but what she did wearing that dress is funny. She was walking across the red carpet, and she was laying big white eggs. If that isn’t awkward, we don’t know what is.

20. Emma Thompson presenting barefoot

At the 71st Golden Globes, Emma Thompson tried to be funny. She went on the stage with her heels in one hand and a martini in the other. Her attempts to be funny failed, and she grabbed the envelope and announced the winner. Everyone was feeling a bit embarrassed for her.

19. Brendan Fraser forgets how to clap


At the Golden Globes, Brendan Fraser forgot how to clap. He was clapping overly excited, and everyone was wondering if he knew how to do it properly. He became an internet meme and a funny sensation.

18. Aziz didn’t make a speech at the Emmys


Aziz Ansari won an Emmy for his writing on Master of None. His co-writer Aaron Yang talked for most of the time and by the time Aziz came up to the microphone, the time was up. They walked him off the stage, but he came back and said to everyone “You guys are in trouble!” Awkward!

17. Sam Smith claimed to be the first gay person to win an Oscar

Sam Smith won the Best Achievement in Music Written for a Motion Picture, and at his speech, he said that he was the first gay man to accept an Oscar. He thought he was doing the right thing, but after his speech people started showing plenty of other gay men that had accepted an Oscar, on social media.

16. James Cameron quoted himself

Titanic took home 11 Oscars at 1998 Academy Awards. Cameron won Best Director, and when he was giving his speech, he yelled: “I’m the king of the world.” He was quoting a line from his movie, a people thought that was super weird.

15. Adrien Brody made out with Halle Berry at Oscars

Adrien Brody won Best Actor for his performance in The Pianist. When he was walking up to the stage, he grabbed Halle Berry, who was the presenter, and he made out with her. Some thought it was cute and romantic, but many others thought it was aggressive and awkward.

14. Stacey Dash comes on stage at the Oscars

Last year’s Oscars were weird. There was a hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, Chris Rock was poking fun at all the white nominees, and everyone was thought the Oscars was racist.

Chris Rock invited Stacey Dash to the stage to m fix the minority problem. Everything got even weirder because Stacey is a conservative celebrity that’s questioned the existence of BET and Black History Month.

13. Jimmy Kimmel announces Bill Cosby at the Emmys

Jimmy Kimmel is a funny man. And during the 2016 Emmys, he did a funny thing, but not everyone thought it was funny. He had the main announcer invite Bill Cosby on the stage. Everyone was shocked and thought it was a joke. And it was, Jimmy came out on the stage and said, “He’s not really here. I just wanted to see what you would do.”

12. Johnny Depp at 2014 Hollywood Film Awards


At 2014 Hollywood Film Awards Johnny Depp came up on stage completely drunk. He was trying to speak, but he mumbled a lot. He played with the microphone and had a hard time to read the teleprompter. We don’t know why anyone let him go up on stage looking like that.

11. Wrong picture during In Memoriam at the Oscars

If you ever watched the Oscars, you know that every year there is an In Memoriam segment, remembering all the people in the industry that passed away that year. It’s a very emotional segment, but one year it was everything but nice. There was a picture of Jan Chapman with the name Janet Patterson next to it, and Janet was her friend and collaborator.

10. Seth McFarlane hosting the Oscars

Host for the 2013 Oscars was Seth McFarlane, and everyone thought it was a weird and a bold choice. But no one expected those sexist, ugly and derogatory jokes from him. He even sang a song called “We Saw Your Boobs” when he was calling out the actresses from the movies in which we could see them topless. A really awkward and unpleasant evening.

9. The streakers at the Oscars

This is a legendary story. At the 46th Academy Awards, Elizabeth Taylor was going to present the nominees for the Best Picture, and a streaker came running behind her and David Niven. The streaker was Robert Opel, an unemployed actor and stand-up comedian. An individual with a history of pulling off similar stunts.

8. Natalie Portman’s akward Golden Globe speech

Natalie Portman won a Golden Globe for her performance in Black Swan. Everything was normal when she thanked her parents for bringing her into the world. Things started to be weird when she said that she is bringing someone into the world too and she thanked Black Swan’s choreographer for helping her with that. She said, “He’s the best actor! It’s not true, he totally wants to sleep with me!” Everyone was confused with that.

7. Angelina Jolie and the kiss

Angelina Jolie won an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, at the 72nd Oscars. Before that, she kissed her brother on the lips on the red carpet. That was weird, but what’s even more bizarre is that she said she was in love with her brother when she won the award. Everyone was talking about them and if they could be romantically involved.

6. Mispronouncing of Idina Menzel’s name

It’s hard to pronounce some names. But if you need to do it at the Oscars, you should practice a little bit before. John Travolta didn’t slightly mess up the pronunciation, he butchered the name of Idina Menzel, calling her “Adele Dazeem.”

5. Frank Capra heads up to stage

At the 6th Academy Awards, Will Rogers hosted and presented all the awards. He was presenting the Best Director, and he opened the envelope and said. “Come up and get it, Frank!” But there were two Franks up for Best Director, Frank Lloyd and Frank Capra. Capra thought he was the winner and he ran up to the stage. When he came to the stage, he was told that the winner was Frank Lloyd. Things got worse when Rogers invited the third director up, George Cukor in an attempt to save the day.

4. Kanye West Interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMAs


Everyone still remembers this moment. Taylor Swift won a VMA, and while she was giving her speech, and thanking everyone for the award, Kanye grabbed the microphone away from her and said, “Taylor, I’m going to let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!” Everyone booed him, and Taylor Swift was shocked.

3. Anne Hathaway and James Franco host the Oscars

This whole night was a disaster. Anne Hathaway and James Franco are the worst duo for hosting an award ceremony. They had no chemistry, and their charisma was not there. Anne Hathaway was trying too hard, and James was mostly not interested in the whole thing, and he looked confused for most of the time.

2. Steve Harvey awards Miss Universe to the wrong person

At the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, Steve Harvey announced the wrong person. He named Miss Colombia as the winner of Miss Universe and then he found out that wasn’t the case. He walked back on the stage and said that it was Miss Philippines that won Miss Universe. Then they took the crown off of Miss Colombia’s head and placed it on Miss Philippines. It was a painful night for Miss Colombia.

1. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly gives Best Picture to La La Land

Another messed up ceremony. At the 89th Academy Awards, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were presenting the nominees for Best Picture, but they didn’t know they had the duplicate envelope for Best Actress instead of Best Picture. Beatty opened the envelope and saw “Emma Stone – La La Land,” and he was confused and handed it over to Faye and she read it out loud, saying “La La Land.” Everyone from La La Land came up on stage and producers started giving speeches. But they were informed it was a mistake, and that the real winner of Best Picture is Moonlight. It’s a good thing the crew members from La La Land were nice and handed the award willingly.