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2 Chainz Net Worth 2021 – How Much He Earns


2 Chainz is an American rapper, currently one of the most famous in the world and one of the most sought-after musicians for collaboration. In addition to the main occupation, that is, music, songwriting and production, 2 Chainz also deals with investment and entrepreneurship. But do you know how much his net worth is? If your answer is “no”, then you are in the right place. We have prepared the text about this popular artist as well as information on his earnings. So, in the following text, you will find some interesting facts about 2 Chainz and his way to great success and fortune. So, let’s start.

Early Life

2 Chainz was born September 12, 1977 at College Park in Georgia. His real name is Tauheed Epps, while 2 Chainz is his stage name. He studied at North Clayton High School, and after graduating, he went to Alabama State University, but later transferred to Virginia State University, where he remained briefly and later returned again to Alabama State University. Although he is not married, 2 Chainz has three children, son and two daughters whose names are Halo, Harmony and Heaven.

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2 Chainz started his musical career in 1997, when he was 20 years old. Then, together with Earl Conyers, he founded hip-hop duo Playaz Circle. They released their first album United We Stand, United We Fall in 2002. They also met Ludacris who had a great deal of influence on further music career 2 Chainz, because he persuaded him to sign a contract with Disturbing Tha Peace record label, which happened in 2007. After that, the duo released two albums, one 2007-Supply & Demand and the other in 2009-Flight 360: The Takeoff. A few songs, including “Stupid,” “Can not Remember”, “Duffle Bag Boy”, “In Can Believe It,” and “Hold Up” have become world-renowned. 2011 may have been the most significant change in his music career. He then appeared on the music scene for the first time as 2 Chainz, while he was performing under stage name Tiny Boi.

In 2011, he also released T.R.U REALigion mixtape as well as the album Based on a T.R.U Story. This album received numerous awards, as well as the Platinum certificate, while the songs “Birthday Song”, “I’m Different” and “No Lie” became very popular. However, 2 Chainz music career continues to grow, and he released his album BO.A.T.S. II: Me Time in 2013, while in 2015 appeared ColleGrove album that included songs like “Used 2”, “Feds Watching,” “MFN Right,” “Bounce” and “Gotta Lotta.” In 2017, 2 Chainz released his latest album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, featuring songs “It’s a Vibe,” “4 AM” and “Good Drank.”

Awards & Achievements

In his rich career, 2 Chainz won numerous awards: 2 BET Awards, 5 BET Hip Hop Awards and 1 Grammy Awards, while for his song “Mercy” in 2012, he won the Best Hip-Hop Song of the Year Award.

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Net Worth of 2 Chainz

For the end, the main reason why we write this text, and that is 2 Chainz ‘s net worth. So, the main question is how much this famous rapper earns? His net worth is estimated at $ 7.5 million. The interesting fact is that his net worth in the period from 2011 to 2014 was estimated at around $ 2 million, while today the situation is completely different.

The main reason for this is his dedication to music and the great effort that 2 Chainz made. Certainly a large part of this earnings is primarily from the sale of music and numerous concerts, but we must also mention endorsements deals that also bring a great amount of money. With his hard work, he also managed to establish his personal record label The Real University. His story is truly incredible, and the success he has achieved is for great respect, because he is one of the most reputable and best rapper of today.

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