A 16-Year-Old Girl Died from Coronavirus in Paris

A sixteen-year-old girl Julie Alliot passed away from respiratory problems in a Paris hospital.

Her heartbroken sister Manon warns us that “no one is invincible.”

She added: “We must stop believing that his virus only affects the elderly.

“Julie just had a slight cough last week. It got worse last weekend with mucus, and on Monday, we went to see a general practitioner.

“It was there that she was diagnosed with respiratory distress. She had no particular illnesses before this.”

Manon released a photo of her sister because she wanted to warn others about the risk of coronavirus to young people as well.

Julie lived with her family in Longjumeau, which is south of Paris, and was studying at high school.

After she rushed to her local doctor on Tuesday, she was transferred to the Necker Hospital in the French capital.

Manon continued: “Her lungs failed. The doctors did everything they could, but it was impossible to wake her up.”

Manon and her mother came to the hospital after Julie died.

She said: “It was violent. We had time to see her, but we quickly had to think about the future.”

“It’s unbearable,” Julie’s mother, Sabine said.

“She just had a mild cough that she tried to cure with syrup, herbs, inhalations.

“On Saturday, Julie began to be short of breath. She was having a hard time catching her breath. Then come the coughing fits.”

Because of that, the family took her to a GP, who called the emergency services.

“They arrived in full overalls, masks, and gloves,” her mother said. “This was another dimension.”

The girl was rushed to the hospital and placed in intensive care where she said: “my heart hurts.”

After that, she tested positive for coronavirus and needed a tube in her windpipe for breathing.

By then, Sabine and Manon returned home to Paris on the doctors’ advice. Later they received a frantic phone call telling them to come and say goodbye.

Tragically, they didn’t arrive on time, and Julie was dead when they came.

Sabine said: “Her skin was still warm.”

Her sister described Julie as “bright, and much loved” and “loved to dance, sing, and make people laugh.”

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