15 Times Truckers Went Too Far with Their Mods (+Bonus Photos and Video)

Who doesn’t like a good truck mod?! We all tend to be amazed by a good modified truck. Even though truck modifications can cost a fortune, truck enthusiastsdon’t seem to care. However, there are several instances when truck owners took a step too far when modifying their custom trucks. So, when modifying trucks turns into an obsession, the truck owners can go above and beyond in terms of modifications. If you think that you’ve seen it all, keep reading.

15. KW Truck Trike

This trucker owner took a step too far to modify a truck which is also a trike, or three-wheeled bike. It isn’t only eye-catching but also an incredibly useless truck trike.

14. The Pig Food Art Truck

This truck was converted as a food truck and although it might attract customers and be good for business, it definitely isn’t good for driving around. The too much metal on it definitely adds a lot of weight.

13. Retro 1930s PurplePickup

You must be wondering what kind of person makes a purple pickup with tinted windows and so so we! This mod definitely went too far and there seems to be no going back.

12. Japanese DekotoraTruck

The colourful Japanese dekotora trucks are a perfect example of mods going too far. This one isn’t only colourful but also featured LED neon lights. So much colour is too much!

11. Stretch Monster Truck


This stretch monster truck would only work on auto shows and nowhere else. A stretch truck is just a step too far when it comes to truck modifications.

10. Comic Creation Trucks

The owners of these trucks must be comic fanatics! One is definitely inspired by some darker side, while the other by Superman, The Hulk, and lots of Batman villains. They definitely need that superheroes’ force as they’re set for racing.

9. Flame Patterns Truck

Even though many dekotora truck enthusiasts will consider this custom paint job too subtle, this flame patterns truck is really eye-catching.

8. Age Extinction Truck

Another flame-inspired truck which looks truly garish. The flame motif doesn’t seem to go out of style.

7. Dekotora Interior

The dekotora aficionados don’t only decorate the outside of a vehicle but also the inside. Can you imagine that someone spent a fortune on decorating the interior of their truck only to look like this? Neither can we.

6. Hummer in Gold

This monster truck was quite popular in the 1990s, but its fame didn’t last. However, Hummer owners didn’t give up on their vehicle. One such example is this Hummer with a gold custom paint job.

5. BosozokuStyle Truck

Did you know what dekotora trucks aren’t the only extravagantly decorated trucks in Japan? Many truck owners also opt for bosozuku, a Japanese youth subculture. Even though this term is mostly associated with street racing cars, nothing stopped this truck owner from implementing it on his truck.

4. Japanese Films-Inspired Truck

Another truck which comes from Japan is this truck which was inspired by a series of Japanese films called Truck Guys. The owner definitely spent tons of money on chrome, custom paint, and neon lights.

3. KB Ditch Digger Truck

The KB Ditch Digger Truck was a hit on the SEMA show in 2015. Such a retro style is quite rare to see on truck mods. We only hope that this vintage vehicle goes as good on the road as it looks.

2. Off-Road Green-Eyed Monster

This off-road truck is perfect for the roughest terrain, but its colour definitely isn’t. The off-road green-eyed monster comes with neon green paint job which couldn’t be more noxious.

1. Colourful Indian Truck

Just as colourful as the traffic jams are in India, this truck isn’t only rich in colour, but also in religious symbols. The symbols feature many vibrant and striking imagesof the Hindu and Sikh religions. This truck is a great example of what to expect on the roads in colourful India.