14 Silly Airplane Covers And Paint Jobs (BONUS PHOTOS)

Who says that airplanes must have the company logo on the tail and have to be white. If you take a look at these silly planes, you will see that some of them are pretty funny. But flying isn’t always a comfortable experience. Some people are scared of flying and expect that they will crash every moment, other have problems with turbulence or sickness. Anyway, in most cases, you can see people that suffer from jet lag or angry parents with kids as well. Sometimes, flying looks longer than infinity. However, here are 14 airplanes that caught attention with their silly outlook.


This one is actually an M2 charter jet. With this airplane, Duncan Aviation proves that you can do a lot of things with exterior livery and it’s outlook. They changed boring white and gray scheme with bright green color along with blue and red lines and spots. This splotches and swathes of paint probably took a lot of care and time.

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