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13 Weirdest Truck Trailers


Seeing a trailer with a custom paint job isn’t that rare today. Sometimes, the companies paint them to reflect their latest marketing campaign, or even to take a jab at the competition, like that FedEx truck with painted UPS vans, creating an illusion that UPS uses FedEx to transport their vehicles. We even have some of those on our list.

But for the most part, trailers you will find bellow are freaks of nature. Often, they are highly specialized machines designed with a sole purpose of transporting some exotic part that can’t be assembled on spot but has to be made in a factory hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Moving these rigs in regular traffic conditions is impossible in most cases and the roads have to be closed and traffic stopped or rerouted until they pass. Sometimes, special permits have to be issued to allow removal of crash barriers or moving on highways in opposite direction. Let us see which the weirdest trailers on the road are.

13. Mad Max War Rig

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We can’t talk about the trailers and not mention the iconic War Rig from the latest Mad Max. Featuring defensive turrets and spiked wheels, it is the epitome of post-apocalyptic heavy transport.