13 Of the Mightiest V8s Today

There is something about V8 engines that is simply indescribable. Inline 6 and V12 offer a smoother ride but are just too long for many models. Inline 4 offers a better economy, but don’t have nearly enough power for some of the monsters on our list. V8s seem to be a golden middle ground when it comes to a compromise between the size and power output. For decades they have been used in pretty much any machine that used gasoline engines, from cars and planes to boats and motorcycles. They have been refined multiple times. Some are still naturally aspired, while other used single or double turbos, allowing for a smaller size and weight. Regardless of that, a powerful V8 remains the symbol of a fast and powerful car.

13. Jaguar F-TYPE SVR Coupe (575HP)

One of the main selling points of a V8 engine, apart from the massive power, is its amazing sound. Jaguar measured its F-type SVR’s exhaust and the result was 108 dB, almost enough to cause a permanent hearing damage.

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